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2ndGrade/Weather Lesson Program

Weather: An additional Grade Thematic Unit

The proposed thematic unit is designed for a general education classroom at the second level level. The suggested period of time is 3 weeks, nevertheless the unit could be either reduced slightly or extended simply by adjusting the number of activities. Reading activities include shared reading and self-selected reading from a variety of ebooks provided by the teacher. The book selection should include multiple genres and multiple examining levels. A suggested list is included. Producing activities employ students inside the five phases of the publishing process. Pupils will create a weather journal that includes their particular writing and a studying log. Pupils may also contain notes about weather findings.

Instructional Emphasis: Grade 2

Subject: Technology


Literacy and Producing Standards pertaining to Pennsylvania

Fulfilled in this product:

Reading Educational Text: Students read, figure out, and respond to informational text message – with emphasis on knowledge, making contacts among suggestions and between texts with focus on calcado evidence.

1 ) 3 – Reading Materials: Students examine and react to works of literature – with emphasis on comprehension, making connections among ideas and between text messages with concentrate on textual facts.

1 . 4 – Publishing: Students compose for different uses and followers. Students compose clear and focused text to convey a well-defined perspective and appropriate content.

1 ) 5 – Speaking and Listening: College students present correctly in formal speaking circumstances, listen vitally, and reply intelligently as individuals or perhaps in group discussions.

Research Standards intended for Pennsylvania

Fulfilled in this unit:

3. 1 . 4. C. 1 . Recognize observable habits (e. g., growth habits in plant life, crystal shapes in nutrients, climate, structural patterns in bird feathers). 34

three or more. 1 . 4. C. installment payments on your Use familiarity with natural habits to anticipate next situations (e. g., seasons, tea leaf patterns, lunar phases). forty seven

3. 1 ) 4. Electronic. 2 . Analyze and describe change through the use of time and measurement. 29

three or more. 2 . 5. B. 2 . Use findings to develop a descriptive language. 49

3. 2 . some. C. 2 . Design an investigation. 12

a few. 5. 4. C. 1 ) Identify cloud types. 43

3. a few. 4. C. 2 . Discover weather patterns from data charts (including temperature, wind direction and speed, precipitation) and charts of the info. 45

several. 5. some. C. three or more. Explain how a different conditions effect plants, animals, foodstuff availability and daily individual life. 46.

Time Frame: 3 Weeks

Describe of Actions

Literature Encounters for the Five Browsing Stages


The educator activates students’ prior understanding in a discourse on weather before reading Interested George: Rain or Stand out. The class provides an impressive K-W-L chart on the extra chalkboard in their classroom; the graph and or chart, which shows what students know, what exactly they want to know, and what they have discovered, remains noticeable for the duration of the unit. The class can add to the data when they possess new inquiries and when they will learn fresh information. Learners are encouraged to label it often to see that they have added to their body of knowledge. Learners may also create their own K-W-L charts in personal climate journals.


The teacher selects weather-related books from the school catalogue and/or general public library suitable for the range of reading levels in the classroom. Pupils will have entry to this content-specific library and enjoy self-selected examining. Some of the titles will be available to read-alouds and added to the gathering for class room circulation later on.


College students will keep a studying log of the weather books they have browse. At the beginning of the machine, they will spend a class period decorating your covers of their weather condition journals. Pupils will be motivated to write at least three sentences informing about the book. They need to also include a sentence that tells whether they liked the book, and why. At the conclusion of the device, students can easily share orally with the whole class of their favorite publication.


College students create a image organizer following hearing a reading of What Will the elements Be? If students might not have prior experience using graphic organizers, the lesson ought to include direct instruction and guided practice pertaining to graphic planners. The educator may want to create a graphic organizer as a whole class project to clarify understanding before students create person organizers.

Making use of

Students make weather reports based on what they have learned during the device. They have the choice to present all their weather reports orally to the category or in written contact form. Students might include drawings or perhaps photos exhibiting cloud types, weather occasions (e. g., thunderstorm, hurricane) and roadmaps.

Writing Activities for the Five Writing Stages


Students will certainly formulate a thought after ability to hear a read aloud of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Following a browsing to the entire class, the students will discuss the book’s main thought.


College students will create their particular fanciful weather condition stories. At this point, students ought to put their particular ideas in writing and not stress about spelling or perhaps mechanics.


Working with a partner, students is going to revise all their writing to create it more clear. Students will have had teaching and practice in an before unit means be a great “writing pal. ” Each student needs to be encouraged to generate at least one positive comment about the writing and one particular helpful review for improvement. Students can also be taught might constructive queries about the writing, including “Can offer more details concerning this? ” “Can you use a describing expression here? inches


In a conference with all the teacher, pupils will check for mistakes within their work and make modifications. The tutor may have student re-write the story in “good” conventional paper, or the modified version could possibly be typed straight onto some type of computer (or device) in prep for submitting.


Pupils will reveal their producing by creating their own literature. The tutor can type (or have got children type) the text; the kids will then demonstrate their work. Students could be invited to read their literature aloud for the class. In the event that everyone wants to talk about, it may be even more time-efficient to acquire students present to reading buddies (perhaps by another quality level) or perhaps in tiny groups. College students might browse their catalogs to members of the family at an Authors’ Tea or perhaps Open House.

Multigenre Job:

Picturing Publishing: Fostering Literacy through Fine art is a great art-and-literature structured approach to producing developed by Beth Olshansky to meet the demands of students with varied learning styles (Olshansky, 2003). Students work with crayon withstand techniques and literature in a series of mini-lessons. Olshansky has evolved a list of catalogs that combine descriptive terminology with wealthy illustrations therefore children can easily see how they interact to develop a tale. After college students create their particular artwork, that they “read their particular pictures, inches a process that “supports the creation of descriptive passages, poetry, personal narrative, fictional works, research-based reports, and detailed report writing” (Olshansky). Pertaining to the second level weather unit, students every create five pictures that depict several types of weather. The Picturing Composing approach (http://picturingwriting.org) suggests that pupils paint pictures no bigger than five inches wide by seven inches to enable them to concentrate on the facts rather than considering filling a big space. Pupils use their particular pictures to inspire all their writing of poems and prose. Simply by creating the photographs and talking about them, college students gain an increased understanding of various kinds of weather and how the weather occasions make them feel. They will reflect on the actual can do (or simply cannot do) because of the weather.

Repetend: It is important to find out what the weather condition is going to be so we know how to dress and how to prepare our actions and sessions.


The K-W-L graph and reading log equally serve as tools for self-assessment. Students can easily see how much they have learned while using chart, which is featured conspicuously in the classroom. The reading record is a record of how various books they may have read. Neither of these analysis tools will need to put college students in competition with one another; they can be tools and so students may measure their individual improvement.

Summative Assessment:

The producing project and multigenre task measure scholar achievement at the end of the device.

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