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Natural Variety Case Study QuestionsName _______________________________ Part I 1 . Which express has more simple clover? North Carolina 2 . Which will state has more striped clover? Minnesota three or more.

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Which state has a hotter average temperature? New york 4. Which will state has more days of cold temperatures? New york 5. Which in turn state offers drier conditions? Minnesota 6th. Which point out has more mollusks? North Carolina Component II six. Why are the 2 gene items that are needed to produce lively cyanide stored in different parts of the cell?

They are stored in distinct cells because one is protected in stripes which the striped clover is made up of cyanide even though the other can be plain which the plain clover don’t is made up of cyanide eight. What are two ways that the cellular material can be interrupted causing both components to come together and produce energetic cyanide? being unfaithful. What is the advantage of creating cyanide? That allows perennial plants to outlive which that grow once again in the spring 10. Can there be any downside to generating cyanide? Describe.

Yes, It might be damage due to freezing and plant eaters can harm grow cells 10. What do these types of results inform you of the discussion between the snail and the clover? 12. It requires extra energy to produce the white red stripe in the clover. Why will a clover expend the excess energy to generate a stripe rather than using the energy for development? It would broaden the extra strength because of Health. Part 3 13. Which factors may contribute to as well as or lessen the growth of the plain clover in MN?

Bacteria that produce vaccines and bodily hormones 14. Which usually factors may contribute to as well as or hinder the growth from the striped clover in MN? Crops that resist weed killers and disorders or consist of natural insect poison 15. Which will factors might contribute to / or lessen the growth with the plain clover in NC? Plants which is often eaten as vaccines 16. Which factors might bring about / or perhaps inhibit the growth of the candy striped clover in NC? Hgh to produce beer faster offsprings 17.

Which will factor do you think caused the most selection pressure on the clover population in MN? 18. Which factor do you think caused the most variety pressure within the clover human population in NC? Part IV 19. Which type of clover will be more abundant in the short depressions? Why? Plain as it covers the region behind the oceanfront dunes 20. Kind of of clover will be more rich in on the hillside and why? Stripes since water pumps out quickly

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