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Globalization, Impact

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Globalization may be the process of developing integration of economies and societies around the globe. It identifies economic globalization through trade,  foreign direct expense, capital runs,  migration plus the spread of technology. The principle of globalization is usually free market segments, reduction of barriers in exchanging and trading merchandise,  which makes the specialization in export-import.

Yet , globalization hasn’t only great, but also negative effects.

First of all,  it is necessary to note that globalization makes our society develop. It will help to share� ideas and innovations. Globalization has an impact about economic progress in the world. An impact of International Direct Purchase on economic growth has already established a positive expansion effect in wealthy countries and has resulted in an increase in trade resulting in higher expansion rates. However, many organizations from developed countries outsourced their production to alleged third world countries, where the labour costs are low.

Personnel from produced countries are not happy about that, because that they feel that their jobs are taken from them. Another problem of globalization and outsourcing is that it motivates slavery and child work. Furthermore, I would  like to add that people become more social when there are no borders among countries. They will move widely from state to state, talk about their tips and morals. In everyday life we feel an impact of globalization since we can enjoy foreign cuisines, music, art, movies or even master foreign ‘languages’.

However , globalization causes  huge damage to nationwide culture, since we are significantly influenced by more developed countries and we cannot resist it. It is known that globalization is around sharing novelties. Medicine and health care are improving all the time. The positive effect helps doctors and researchers from worldwide share concepts and even communicate so that they may reach greater results and produce new discoveries. However , globalization is thought to have contributed to the spread of diseases, especially AIDS.

When it came out in the USA, it had been known just in some Photography equipment states. Due to the process of globalization and colonization,  it has spread in the whole globe. On balance, the positive effect is spreading rapidly in contemporary world. It increases economic ties between countries and helps to create a barrier-free trading system. Although it has beneficial influence on economy, globalization makes an adverse impact about culture and traditions.

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