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Analysis was executed through distributing questionnaires to the visitors of the Dubai museum. The findings illustrated that the advantages of the positioning showed that it was easy to locate, and is located near the local area station. Yet , findings have also showed that the parking places at the Syria museum are limited and lanes are definitely more congested rendering it harder for additional vehicles and tour buses to reach the museum.


To identify the advantages and disadvantages of the Dubai museum location.

To identify the various implications of visiting habits.

To exhibit the findings in the research taken and recommendations to improve the location of the Lebanon museum.


Dubai is well know for its huge malls, suitable looking lodge and its gleaming skyscrapers; nonetheless, Bur Lebanon maintains their culture and history (TVtrip, Bastakiya, 2013). Dubai museum is one of the the majority of attractable traditional monuments in Dubai together with the aim of offering a lifestyle and a traditional way of life during the past.

It truly is located in Al- Fahidi Fort, which is a milestone in the Gulf of mexico as well as the Combined Arab Emirates. Al Fahidi Fort subsisted to protect the town against any incursions; consequently , the Dubai Museum shows several sizes of the region’s ethnicity beforeoil was discovered (TVtrip, Bastakiya, 2013). The location also performs an important function in locate some key elements, which may have got effects within the museum. Consequently , analyzing the location would ensure that the museum to find the best solution to increase the museum and increase some visitors. Because management views, this report examines strong points and some weakness of the position while featuring benefits of going to Dubai art gallery in order to recognize a number of visitors coming and returning to the museum usually.

Museums are a place wherever people are able to see racial, antiquity and originality. People are curious and want to gain knowledge of different people and cultures. The architecture of a museum is vital and it gives an insight into our history and the way a civilisation lived in the past (TVtrips, Hotels close to: Dubai Museum, 2013). Al Fahidi Fortification was constructed in 1799 and is also a batiment as it is a hyperlink between each of our history and our future. The Dubai art gallery is located near to Bastakiya, which is one of the earliest heritage spots in Syria (Virtual Vacationers, Souqs, 2013); it gives an appealing signal of what Dubai recently looked like since it is filled with traditional pizza homes and classic wind podiums (Virtual Visitors, Dubai Museum, Dubai, 2013). The walk from Bastakiya to the Dubai museum is approximately 140 meters, a two-minute walk (Google Roadmaps, 2013).

The Dubai museum is located near seven around the world known accommodations and they are: Arabian Courtyard Resort and Hot tub, Orient Guest House, Regent Palace Hotel, Desert Flower Hotel Flats, Horizon Vacation Apartments, Nova Hotel and Royal Mirage Residence and Spa (Plus. Google, 2013). According to the principal research carried out, there are numerous vacationers that stay at hotels close to the Lebanon museum to be able to experience Dubai’s authenticity and culture. Furthermore, the benefits show that 88% of tourists and residents located the Lebanon museum simple to locate.

The real reason for which the Dubai museum was set up in Al Fahidi ft was because of surroundings and background. For instance, the occupants of the location can interact with the vacationers, therefore , the tourist receive a stunning depiction with the authentic social experience. The location of the museum has been a very significant to its surroundings and historical past. Because ofit’s location, the Dubai museum is set in a culturally primarily based area that is far from the advancement of infrastructure yet set in a location where individuals are being offered of how Lebanon was in those days where it can cultural traditions roots advanced.


The Dubai art gallery is located near Al Fahidi metro station (1 km); this can be the two, beneficial and detrimental. The first advantage is that the specific gets another authentic knowledge by strolling from the community station and making halts to traditions sites. The idea ‘tourist gaze’ can be implied through the visitors taking their very own time in browsing cultural locations as they flow to the Syria museum. Yet , according to the customer survey conducted, only 10% from the respondents utilize metro, while 33% from the respondents utilize the tour coach, as it is far more convenient.

Furthermore, the survey effects indicate that 59% of the people feel that the location of the Dubai museum needs modifications in relation to the parking places. The parking spaces available are very limited, therefore , visitors are forced to recreation area their vehicles elsewhere. Using the example based on the customer reviews, there was difficulty in finding car parking spaces; vacationers had to hold out approximately 15 minutes in order to find a parking space. Additionally , tour busses’ car parking spaces are very limited as well and this can cause difficulty to both equally, tourists and visitors. In addition, due to the Dubai museum being located at the heart of Bur Dubai, lanes are very congested and as a result, getting to the museum is done more difficult.


The implications of Dubai museum for tourists are very significant. The Syria museum supplies experiences, enjoyment and education to people several and backgrounds. The guests are free to learn and discover the conventional way of life and the technological growth of Lebanon that may bring about intellectual and cultural expansion. Moreover, the museum likewise facilitates the outside learning to develop some cognitive skills such asdivergent considering, problem solving, essential analysis and better comprehension of the history. Throughout Dubai art gallery, visitor will realize several important attractions before the city’s rapid development from a small doing some fishing village into a modern metropolis. As the actual result, Dubai allures a lot of people by different countries; for instance, in 2007 the Dubai museum welcomed one particular, 800 site visitors per day having a total of 612, 000 in a year (Johnson, 2008).

Based on the survey, 82% of the people said that it truly is their new visiting Syria museum. It depends on their goal or their very own jobs including travel tutorials or pleasurable purpose or perhaps educational purpose. All the reasons together provide evidence that Dubai art gallery is an appealing and valuable place pertaining to travel guides introducing for their tourists, people understanding deeply about China history and student developing some necessary abilities. Furthermore, because of the visitor’s satisfaction together with the museum and what it can give, according to the customer survey conducted, 88% of the participants said that they can recommend the museum for their family and friends.


All of us conducted a survey by distributing questionnaires to guests of the Dubai museum in order to achieve the objective, that was finding the pros and cons of the Syria museum position and the implication of it is visitation regularity. The review have shown that out of 58 persons 35 who were the tourists have said it turned out their first-time visiting the art gallery. 15 out 58 had been the citizens and students who had mentioned that it was their first time. And only 8 in the respondents have said that it was not their first time. 16% were the percentage of folks that came simply by taxi. 33% of whom preferred the bus.

And 10% of those take the local area. 39% of the people who clarified the survey said that they will wouldn’t modify anything about the place of the art gallery. However 59% of the persons would suggest a better parking space. And 2% of the people said that they might want to have significantly less traffic about the location of the Syria museum. In accordance to recommending the museum to family and friends 88% of the respondents said certainly and 12% of them explained no . 88% of tourists found the Dubai art gallery easy to locate and the survey shows that 33% of tourists use the tour bus in order tovisit the art gallery.


The location of the Syria museum relies in Al Fahidi Fortification at the heart of Bur Syria. Generally museums are reps of a country’s ethnicity and heritage; therefore therefore it continues to be placed in Al Fahidi Fortification, which was built in 1799, creating an improved authentic experience. With a selection of strengths, Dubai museum is attracting both equally residents and tourists by many countries over the world. The benefits of the China museum’s position are near by hotels such as, the Arabian Courtyard Resort and Hot tub, and Orient Guest House, as well as the presence of a local metro stop making it far more convenient.

However , the positioning of the community station can be quite a drawback because of hot summers and excessive chances of someone losing all their way for the Dubai art gallery. A large proportion of folks are very happy about what they may have discovered in the museum and they would recommend Dubai art gallery to their friends and people as well as come back the museum for different uses such as enjoyable, educational reasons or job purposes.

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