Analyzing Misunderstanding in Communication Essay

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Connection is a great exchange of ideas, understanding, etc . between individuals by using language in which all parties be familiar with language they use. Communication undoubtedly involves several people, which means that you will discover more than one believed involved in the communication because people have different backgrounds, experiences, etc . You will discover two positions in conversation, they are as a sender so that as receiver and they’ll take use these positions. All communication has two parts: a sender and a device.

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The tv-sender has a concept he or she expects to transfer, and s/he puts it in words, which will, to her/him, best echo what s/he is pondering. But many points can get involved to prevent the intended communication from becoming received accurately. (Burgess, 2013). Misconceptions sometimes take place in this exchange of tips in communication. The recipient hears but he does not listen.

He does not absorb the details being made. It could because the recipient does not focus on what the sender or audio has said. a few uncertainty are language-related, the source of several of the misunderstandings can be tracked to ambiguity in the speaker’s utterances. Some other reasons for misunderstanding include mishearing and insufficient world knowledge, namely, elements that also contribute to misunderstanding in intracultural communication. , (Kaur: 2011).

There are some elements which we all will find that could cause misconception in communication if we analyze our experience in having communication with others. During those times, we were going to play cards (bridge) whilst talking about the latest Korean movie. Everyone currently had their cards that were dealt.

There three players in this video game, namely, I actually, Ima and Anthi. Ima: Apa film korea terbaru sekarang teman-teman? (what is the latest Korean video, guys? ) I and Anthi: Emergency Couple! I and Anthi: Ji Hyo yang maiiin ( Ji Hyo is main character/ one of the casts) The information is certainly one of examples which shows that the misunderstanding could still exist possibly all the functions in the communication have the same culture, language and age. The misunderstanding is happened once i said Yang punya angka 3 keriting sih (Who has the 3-kinky card of course play first).

I declared that because I thought my friend, Ima, asked who have played first or who turn to begin the game. I believed in that way mainly because at that time I had formed just set my cards and had ready to start playing the game and because I had the 3-kinky card. What is the value of having the 3-kinky card? The rule of playing Jenderal applying bridge cards in Dalam negri, particularly in Lombok, may be the one who plays first is a person who provides the 3-kinky cards. If we analyze the data deeper, we will discover that misconception in the connection happened mainly because I did not concentrate on the discussion when Ima asked, Siapa main? (Who may be the cast?.

I actually still concentrate on what we have been referring to at the first talk but for the next I did not. It was certainly not caused by insufficient world know-how because we can see from the chat that at the conclusion I realized or recognized that I acquired misunderstanding then I fixed that. V. References BOU-FRANCH, Patricia (2002) Misunderstandings and Unofficial Knowledge in Institutional Discourse, in David Walton & Dagmar Scheu (eds) Lifestyle and Power: Ac(unofficially)knowledging Social Studies vacation, Bern: Peter Lang. (pp. 323-341) Burgess, Heidi.

Misunderstandings. Over and above Intractability. Eds. Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess. Discord Information Holding, University of Colorado, Boulder. Posted: Sept 2003. s Kaur, Jagdish. Intercultural Pragmatics.

Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 93116, ISSN (Online) 1613-365X, ISSN (Print) 1612-295X, DOI: twelve. 1515/IPRG. 2011. 004, Feb . 2011

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