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Comparative Examination of Two Vincent truck Sagos artwork Vincent van Gogh made The Peasant Woman Preparing food by a Fire place Just after this individual completed The Potato Eaters. Peasant Girl Cooking with a Fireplace as well as the Potato Peeler both signify women working in the Anxiety period, spring 1885. Though one of the paintings is a self-portrait and the different one reveals a typical women cooking, both paintings show doing work humble females engrossed inside their work.

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The two paintings display his desire for the working course, portrayed here in a raw style of heavily applied dark pigments. The Peasant Female Cooking by a Fireplace Leary has more quantity of colors in it than The Potato Peeler which Merely has gradation of one color. The typical woman cooking food has a unfortunate and lonely expression onto her face whereas The Potato Peeler has a tilted deal with with no phrase (straight face) even though your woman looks modest. The characters in the two paintings are really large in comparison with the painting size.

The scale of the characters changes primary from the entire composition to Just the ladies. In the The Peasant Woman Preparing food by a Fireplace the fireplace, pot, pan and cup are small in proportions whereas the peasant girl is significant. In the additional painting, the potato and knife would be the only two components apart from the typical woman. Therefore the viewers concentrates more on the typical women and fewer on their particular activities. The figures are very humble while at the same time very striking.

Keeping point of view in mind, The Potato Peeler seems to be a zoomed in version of The Peasant Female Cooking by a Fireplace: Their particular sitting posture is almost the same and have an identical attire. Even though the peasant female working in the fireplace shows the woman with the history of the doing work space, the potato peeler concentrates on the word of the woman more than her work. Vincent restricted him self to just a couple of colors and block portrait while producing The Potato Peeler although he added more color, finer cerebral vascular accidents to the next painting.

Upon deeper examination of The Potato Peeler, though, the lady has a shawl and a straw cap, the woman in the fireplace will not. Vincent van Gogh applied dark gradation of oil color on canvas to display his admiration for peasants in both the paintings. His study had the coarse, flat looks, low foreheads and solid lips, not really sharp nevertheless full of cowboys. The paintings of The Typical Woman Cooking by a Open fireplace and The Spud Peeler lso are of functioning women in which they are performing their individual activities My spouse and i. E. Cooking food in the open fireplace and peeling potatoes. During these paintings, Vehicle Gogh purposely chose rough and simple versions, so that they will be natural and unspoiled in the finished operate: He desired people to realize that peasants, who eat their taters by the lumination of their very little lamp, include tilled the earth themselves with all the hands they put in the dish, and this speaks they own thus actually earned their particular food. The paintings really are a portrayal towards the simplicities to elite. Even though the paintings comprise to working women they may have different disposition.

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