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•? Advance Process Control (14 products: Aspen Apollo, Aspen IQ) •? Planning & Scheduling (10 products: Aspen Advisor, Aspen MBO) •? Supply & Distribution (3 products: Aspen Retail) •? Production Administration & Execution (16 items: Aspen 0server) Sales & Marketing •? 1995, qualified to a lot more than 450 businesses ~ chemical substance industry and 350 univerities •? The selling circuit for procedure modelling computer software was lengthy (6-12 months) •? AspenTech charged a premium over competitors products, raise licensing fees three times (1998-1995)~10% •? Certified software for any noncancelable term ~ three or more or 5 years •? Customer had been more likely to acquire software costed in community currency 2 sources possibility trigger this kind of risk: Fluid Risk –? forward foreign currency agreement –? The contract with GENERAL ELECTRIC and Sanwa in selling the account receivable has limited recourse contract sell the receivable to GE and Sanwa and also other financial institution. –? AspenTech even offers debt to Massachusetts Capital Resources –? placed a seasonal personal credit line facility with New Britain bank. AspenTech’s should assessment and decide an acceptable degree of risk. It involves identifying reasonable standard of risk in-line with ideal opportunity to gain –? Maximize in selling long term receivable initial

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