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The different types of business ownerships are: Sole dealer. When only one person is the owner of the business.

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They cannot share the earnings with any person; a sole trader is definitely somebody who also controls his or her own business. Have endless liability. They can employ people to help them at the office but they possess sole responsibility of the organization. The advantages of being a sole trader are: When big companies are owned by single trades. Both the main celebrations involved would be the franchisee and franchisor.

The franchisor enables the franchisee to use the businesses name, product and design in return for a share in the profits built. The advantages penalized a franchise are: A partnership usually involves between 2-20 persons. The profits produced has to be shared among all workers. Legal files such as the Deed of alliance have to be signed before the organization can begin. Advantages of being a collaboration: Is usually a bigger business, that they employ a lot more people than the usual private limited company.

Stocks can be bought and sold by simply members of the public for the stock market. The amount paid of stocks vary. Benefits of being a general public limited organization: A employees co-operative is usually owned and run by the whole work force so it will have no arguments between the owners and staff as they are the same people. Folks who own element of workers co-operative are called users.

Membership of workers cooperative tries to ensure that everyone has a say in how the organization is work. All members are in charge of the business. Full co-operative shares its revenue amongst the members.

Folks who own a discuss of the retail co-operative is referred to as a member. The first selling co-operative was set up in Rochdale in 1844. Advantages of staff co-operative: People who own component to a private limited company are shareholders. Friends and family can only get shares to get a private limited company. Advantages of a Private limited company: Structure Colliery is actually a Worker cooperative this means that the business enterprise is held by every one of its workers.

There isn’t one key person in workers cooperative because all of them own it. It is a limited liability business as it is a member of staff co-operative, since it is the work makes problem if the company is in debt. Tower system colliery contains a legal status. Tower Colliery suits their workers co-operative as each of the workers receive an opinion how the business is usually run and also they get a discuss of the revenue. Tower colliery is a medium-sized business.

A number of the advantages of as being a worker cooperative are: An amount of spar is a Business ownership as it is owned with a family. The only one person that has spar is the franchisee because they have brought a subset of the group that individual Spar’. They have limited responsibility.

It has legal status. A lot of advantages of becoming a franchise are:

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