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Excerpt coming from Thesis:

The accusations against Mister. Parker are false, and in addition, defy any kind of sense of logic according to history of the man in question. To suggest that he may have identified to deliver all which will he had proved helpful for without having scintilla of ethical divergence by a one and mindless act such as that for which he is charged.

With his well-earned career and excellent status now on the line with this kind of judgment, I actually implore a reconsideration of Mr. Parker’s record plus the nature of the watch case against him. First and foremost, I really believe that the legal ramifications of the case need to afford Mr. Parker an edge in thought, primarily based within the lack of concrete floor evidence against him. Let me spare you the main points of this deficit of concrete proof, which will the majority of assuredly come in clearer with any further proceedings or procedures against Mr. Parker.

I just ask you to maintain this concern foremost in your thoughts as the situation against him moves frontward. There is a variety of the proof which circumstantially appears to legitimize at least pressing forwards with the circumstance. However , this really is truly the bare minimum of accessible evidence against any get together. It is hardly a case of certainty such as seems to be intended by the specialist consequences previously facing Mr. Parker. Taking into consideration that the circumstance against Mister. Parker is definitely somewhat cheap, and highlighting upon Mr. Parker’s background here great generally good character, it will seem progressively apparent that is not only a man deserving of our skepticism or scrutiny.

It should appear apparent for you that I are fairly devoted to defending the innocence of my worker. This is mainly because, in addition to my certainty that the is the circumstance, the lack of an individual such as Mr. Parker from our business would be a loss to us. In addition to a slander for one deserving of no such character and career killing, our company can be deprived the assistance and sensibilities of a guy who has consistently demonstrated his value to his position, his co-workers and his business.

To disturb the career course of a man who has currently meant so much to this company is to prevent us via ever knowing all that he could mean to this company. It is therefore that in humble terms, I ask you to be aware of the smoothness and value of the guy who stands before one to be judged. It is one particular deserving of a reasonable and advantageous judgment. Thank you for your account.

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