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Both most important elements influencing adolescent’s developments are psychological and environmental factors. As they increase, they are affected by environmental factors just like religion, tradition, Schools and religion.

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The psychological factors that influence their development includes intellectual and mental factors (Hall & Braverman, 2014). In the western contemporary society, what is absent that would gain health campaign for the adolescents can be described as focused focus on the conditions most teenagers experience, plus the risk elements with their main causes. Furthermore, another missing factor in the western world is emphasis on prevention seeing that mostly they concentrate on healing or treatment than avoidance, yet elimination is cost effective (Merrick, 2014). The health challenges faced by the adolescents influence their overall health in several methods in their life-time.

An adolescent who uses tobacco, has harmful eating behavior, uses liquor and other medicines, has insufficient exercise or perhaps engages in intimate behaviors that may result to sexually transmitted infections’ and undesired pregnancy might negatively effects their lives (Hall & Braverman, 2014). Some of the associated with the health challenges faced by adolescents which might impact their very own health and wellness consist of lung cancers, obesity or underweight, heart disease, and even contracting the incurable HIV virus or staying early mothers. There are several areas that must be resolved when acquiring sexual good adolescents.

According to Perkara & Braverman, (2014), “5 Ps” are used as a basic guide to take the intimate history of children. Partners- inquiries should inquire the sexual, number and concurrency, love-making partners in the adolescents Practices-the nurse ought to explore sexual activity types the adolescent pained engages in just like oral, anal and anal sex Protection- the inquiries should inquire about the teenager’s use condoms and the circumstances making it easier or perhaps harder to work with he condoms Past great STD-the nurse should ask about the A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE history of the teenager. These includes perhaps the teens provides ever developed the STDs in Pregnant state.

Prevention-lastly, the nurse ought to ask the teenager whether they want to be pregnant and discuss the future and current preventive medicines (Hall & Braverman, 2014). In conclusion, mental and environmental factors will be the two most significant factors that influence adolescent’s developments. Focused attention within the diseases experienced by the adolescents and focus on prevention is usually lacking in the western culture.

Moreover, there are lots of health problems children face that impact their very own health and wellness in a number of ways in their lifetime. Lastly, when currently taking sexual history, one need to consider the partners, practice, and safety, past good STD and prevention. References Hall, C., & Braverman, P. T. (2014). Popular topics in adolescent health. man, G. K. (2014). Hot issues in teenage health.

Merrick, J. (2014). Child and adolescent well being yearbook 2013.

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