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Earlier this year the National Football League community was still left in amazement with the news of Aaron Hernandez carrying out suicide in prison, who had been serving a life word from a 2012 case when he was charged with double killing and outlawed possession of a firearm. (Associated Press the Los Angeles Times) Recently we were informed that Aaron Hernandez, at the ripe of twenty-seven committed committing suicide in The spring of 2017, on Thurs night September 20th 2017, practically a decade after after the time sports had been changed permanently, it was introduced on advertising that Aaron Hernandez had suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy a very extreme case. A large number of questions came about due to a number of the side effects that come with CTE, the violent works that lead to the double-murder having been convicted of and the second option news of his suicide, which remaining his family shocked. Do CTE may play a role in the killers he dedicated, or made it happen lead to his death.

Between the years 2011 and 2012, more than two-thousand three-hundred, former players filed legal cases against the Nfl. The lawsuits claimed that the NFL “caused and written for the elevated risk of important brain personal injury, failed to consider appropriate procedure for prevent and mitigate repeated traumatic brain injuries(including sub-concussive blows and concussions) and the latent head injury” (Drysdale, Thomas A. Helmet-to-Helmet Speak to: Avoiding a very long time Penalty simply by Creating a Duty to Scan Effective NFL Players for Serious Traumatic Encephalopathy). This means that there was some action taken to contain the National Football League given the task of the accidental injuries and lifetime style, that players did not ask for. There are moments when the NFL does not possess guidelines referring to the fact that during playoffs there are main discrepancies that seem to certainly not matter throughout the normal period. Before playoff qualification the teams get and during the normal season, bi-weeks, which grants or loans them seven days without a video game, which is the moment many players finally have an off day to manage their physical problems:

The NFL’s quantities on cutbacks in débauche are, at best, suspect as a result of discrepancies in how teams list and statement concussions. The discrepancies result from the process through which concussion statistics are collected from the weekly injury information released simply by individual NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE teams, these kinds of reports neglect to account for any concussions that a player may suffer that week before a bye, in which he can restore enough to prevent being listed on the team’s damage report another week. Furthermore, unless a team makes the playoffs, zero concussion figures are gathered from the the other day of the time of year, meaning players from twenty teams go unreported inside the season totals at the end with the year. (Drysdale. pg. 443)

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