compare what mcauley and patten suggest about love

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The two poets use metaphors to suggest that being in take pleasure in can cause discomfort. In “The Seduction”, McAuley says love can lead to harmful feelings and problems that may stay for you personally forever, although in “Wound Cream”, Patten implies the will for like can cause concerns. McAuley runs on the metaphor to describe the small girl’s emotions which is just like a “septic wound”. This infers the hurt of the small girl can be strong and a “wound” will always keep a “scar” and hurt.

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The “scar” for the young girl is the baby that she’ll have, which usually she’ll have full responsibility over for the rest of her lifestyle – and she is only 15 years of age – as being a “wound” leaves a “scar” it is with her permanently. The soreness for the young young lady is the memory space of the night time where your woman had sexual with the boy who permit her down by going out of her. In addition, she feels heartbroken because her dream was to have a “fairytale” relationship. Her “scar” which is her baby can be described as constant reminder of her perfect romantic relationship that she wanted great it’s above.

She will not have that fantasy any more because now she has a young child with no partner, which is not how a media shows relationships to get. These reports and mags influence girls telling them they’ll find a man who will take care and love the woman. But this kind of 15 year old girl is within pain and realises every she’s recently been fed are lies. The young son she met and believed was her true love has left her in misery after he betrayed her the night she dropped pregnant. On the other hand, Patten shows in “Wound Cream” that numerous people will go through surrender for a content and perfect romance.

Patten points out people have a “hunger” to get love and a few of the things in the romance or to include a romantic relationship can be with their “undoing”. The poet uses a metaphor like them having a “hunger” for appreciate. This means they’re desperate and craving for the good relationship mostly just like the “fairytale” romance. When people were younger and as they expand up, they are told and shown romantic stories which end in a “happily ever after” and this is their desire once they have already grown up however in reality you can’t find something like this so this is their pain.

They’re therefore in dependence on that like that Patten also says that enthusiasts go through phases that are of their “undoing”. This tells us that people do a number of, sometimes unpleasant and even crazy things to enter to or make their very own relationship work. These things that they do or say are generally not what that they had normally carry out if they will weren’t in love. For example , when you’re in the beginning of a romance you’re in your best actions and you would not do a issue out of place, in order to impress your spouse, but as years pass, companions seem to break apart and then they’re more true to themselves and these types of changes hurt people.

Total, I think that love changes and sometimes ruins the person you are. In “The Seduction”, I think that McAuley employed an effective metaphor and appositive because it from the young lady. It links well since “wounds” keep “scars” which in turn last forever and a young woman has a baby which is an effect which will last her forever. Patten likewise uses metaphors to show very good points just like when he says lovers sacrifice things to meet each other. Nevertheless , I prefer McCauley’s metaphor because there are many reasons at the rear of the girl’s pain and agony. You may tell as a result of how descriptive the metaphor is.

Septic” is a actually strong term and you can almost imagine how much difficulty it is on her behalf. McAuley and Patten in that case go on to imply that take pleasure in is offered in a misleading way. In “The Seduction”, McAuley says that the press portrays love much more in different ways to just how it is in reality, and this leads to misery, although Patten says the media displays all the benefits of being in love, however, not any of the drawbacks. McAuley uses a metaphor showing the girls heartache after the young boy betrayed her and she understands she won’t have the perfect relationship that her journals show.

Your woman knows she is been fed lies to so the lady rips up her journals “like confetti strewn”. This kind of represents her sadness and possible anger because she’s been misguided. “Confetti” is used for celebrations, particularly by weddings. The girl might have ripped up the mags in shreds and threw them existence “confetti” mainly because she desires that wedding with her true love – a wedding just like the media shows. The youthful girl knows she is tied to a child and today it will be hard to find a man using a child mainly because she is just one mother.

As a result she feels so angry, realising she has been misled and this is why she throws the paper just like “confetti”, knowing that she won’t have the wedding or romantic relationship that the magazines says she’ll. In “Wound Cream”, Patten tells us that you have ups and downs to being love or staying in a romantic relationship. He claims that like is like a “media advertised fairytale, gutted of darkness”. This suggests that in the multimedia, they affect us and present us the wrong impression of love by showing every one of the good points of love rather than showing the issues that occur.

People get the wrong concept of love because of the “media promoted fairytale” we see. The “media” is primarily the videos and the “promoted fairytale” may be the relationship with the “happily at any time after”. You can also get gender tasks whereby the man is always prominent and the woman is labelled as the dependant one. This misleads people and in addition they feel betrayed from the “media” because they can not have that “fairytale” romance as the fact is much more distinct.

This lead astray, misdirect effects people a lot mainly because they’ve experienced the attitude about these gender roles and “happily ever afters” since since beginning to their pre-teen years they are reading setting stories and watching films like “Cinderella” or “Snow White” where they have content relationships with no downsides. This causes complications in later on life since these stories influence them and then they feel betrayed and misled and realise is actually all is when they won’t be able to find a ideal relationship for themselves.

Patten’s quote tells us the media would not show the cons of a marriage because he says the media’s pictured relationship is definitely “gutted of darkness”. “Gutted” means to take away and “darkness” is a metaphor for the problems of the marriage. This symbolizes that the media clears away and will not show or perhaps the mention the down sides between the couple which misleads people mainly because they think a relationship or marriage has no problems to be dealt with.

To summarize, I think that McAuley decided on a very great metaphor because the word “confetti” can connect and connect to many problems of her situation. I think in “Wound Cream” Patten’s quote wasn’t very precise because not every story in the media portrays that love has a “happily ever after”. Only fairytales do however in many videos they have no happy endings. Patten could have made it better if having been talking about just fairytales or all types of multimedia.

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