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In accordance to a current study in Age and Aging, starting and continuing to drink milk at a new age can lead to improved physical ability and balance at an older age (“New examine finds, ” 2012). As a result of milk’s natural attributes of calcium, protein and vitamins A and W, milk has also been linked to cuboid strength, muscle strength and better eyesight, to name a few. Why have the US milk sales been slowly and gradually declining considering that the 1970s?

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A recently available article in Forbes. com poses the same question. Folks are well aware of milk’s living. The ‘Got Milk? ‘ Advertising campaign was debuted in 1993 and won many awards for its ingenuity.

Functions wonders for getting people to consider milk, but that is just half the battle. The other half, and arguably more important, is getting them to drink it. Jonathan Baskin, the author of the Forbes. com article, thinks this is what the dairy industry is faltering to do simply by not compelling consumers to imbibe milk. “Memorable branding, ” he states, “is definitely not the same thing since compelling marketing”(Baskin, 2012). To illustrate this, Baskin gives a few ideas, including product packaging innovation, partnering with businesses and local sourcing. While I consider all three of his way of doing something is valid, community sourcing feels like it could be incredibly beneficial, at least for the moment.

In the past few years, buying vegetation locally is becoming more tightly related to many persons. The thought of marketing local business growth and living a proper lifestyle hard disks people to buy locally. And so if a neighborhood distributor can deliver these types of local crops and package it with fresh community milk, customers would be offering for the ease, healthy lifestyle and support of community businesses; at least this provides the idea. Dairy mustaches are most often imprinted within our minds. We know milk is there, but were not ingesting it.

To be able to change this, the milk industry has to focus on offering consumers reasons to drink milk. Local finding and circulation of dairy could be 1 solution to this kind of. Proper exploration would need to performed to determine viability, and a fresh marketing strategy, perhaps implementing the ‘Got Milk? ‘ logos with a new local twist would need to be developed; however , most likely then we all will finally be ingesting more milk.

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