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Principle-Agency Interactions

A principle-agency relationship is present between a company and a worker. The employer sets out the opportunity of tasks for the employee, and then the employee acts as agent in undertaking those responsibilities. This romance means that tortious acts fully commited by the worker while in the performance of tasks relating to his employment are the responsibility from the company. Rules of sciene are responsible for the tortious conduct associated with an agent who may be acting within the scope of his or her authority. In this case, the driver Carcamo, was driving a truck on the highway, which can be within the scope of his authority in the employment being a truck new driver. Had the accident under consideration occurred whilst he was not really in the course of his duties, the company would not have vicarious liability (Pearson, 2012).

There are a handful of different types of principal-agency relationships, which include employer/employee and independent company. In this case, the driving force, Carcamo was employee of Sugar Travel. As such, Sugar Transport conceded its liability for any neglectfulness ultimately ascribed by the court to the employee (Biren, 2019).

The case of Diaz v Carcamo was actually about Sugar Transport becoming sued by simply Diaz more than injuries your woman suffered within an accident in which Carcamo was involved. There is a third party drivers also included. Carcamo, nevertheless , had a poor driving record, and this led to statements by Diaz that this individual should not have been hired and entrusted drive an automobile the pickup truck for Sugar. This follows the legal principle of negligent entrustment. At a significant this case, when it arrived at A bunch of states Supreme Court docket, was whether both the rules of respondeat superior and negligent entrustment could be used. The Washington dc Supreme The courtroom found that they could not, following lower legal courts found that they can could. Hence, Sugar Transportation invoked respondeat superior as a means of staying away from having to state about Carcamos prior driving record. The ultimate decision in this case resulted in Sugar Travel did not have to pay the $22 million in damages that were awarded in the case, because the court had been biased by data that should not have been allowed.


The tactic employed by Sugar Transportation to attempt to steer clear of answering questions about it is hiring and entrustment of Carcamo was a good method of the issue. In California regulation, per Armenta v Churchill, only one of the two choices can be followed, as in this situation respondeat remarkable seemed to be one which would have the low damage award. Sugar Transfer, therefore , was wise to choose that strategy rather than departing the case in the hands of the jury. We were holding

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