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Q1. Research the sociologist Watts. E. N. Du Boqueteau and discuss his advantages to contemporary society.

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W. Elizabeth. B. Ni Bois, the author of The Souls of Dark Folk, was one of the most significant African-American activists of the early 20th hundred years. In this seminal work, Ni Bois outlined what this individual called the double consciousness of African-Americans, the perception of taking a look at ones self through the eye of others (Du Bois 5). Black individuals were simultaneously excluded from mainstream American society yet likewise forced to understand it, simply because they were made into a point out of financial dependence on white wines, thanks to the legacy of captivity Du Boqueteau also produced a state for African-American culture to be the most American of all ethnicities, given that it was a unique hybridization of Africa and Euro ideas, religion, music, and life.

Du Bois, who received his doctorate from Harvard University or college and taught sociology on the University of Pennsylvania, likewise wrote inside the Souls of Black Folk about the personal challenges he felt since an African-American man who have felt none wholly a part of American contemporary society nor Dark society like a highly with the time extraordinarily educated Black man. Ni Bois is associated with the beliefs of the need to elevate the talented tenth of African-American society to prominence, to uplift almost all Black people (Du Bosquet 51). I Bois was one of the creators of the NAACP, an organization which usually still is available as an advocate with the rights of African-Americans and since a push against elegance and prejudice (NAACP History). As part of the NAACP, Du Boqueteau was an activist intended for anti-lynching legal guidelines and also published many new, most up-to-date African-American copy writers in The Catastrophe, the NAACPs publication (NAACP History).

Q2. Working Class Hero simply by John Lennon

Working Class Hero by simply John Lennon suggests that individuals from marginalized classes of society are meant to feel belittled because of their sociable status. No matter the individuals natural ability, those who are poor are made to feel substandard through belittling comments and physical violence via authority statistics. Unlike middle-class youth who also are recognized for their disobedient and intellect, members in the working course are demeaned. This low self-esteem has a calcifying effect after the heart and soul and eventually users of the operating class are not able to resist the forces which in turn conspire for making them poor

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