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‘Behaviour of Fish within an Egyptian Tea Garden’, authored by Keith Douglas is a composition about the text between person and woman. Describing and interpreting the relationship between the sexes sense of hierarchy, splendor and personality. This could be analysed in the peculiar title; the fish (man) is mesmerised by the Garden’s (woman) establishing, because it is metaphorically abnormal but unusually appealing. This draws the seafood in, since seen by the fish’s ‘behaviour’.

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Douglas makes a good example of imagery, utilizing it to further grow the ongoing metaphor within a peculiar approach.

By using the vastness of the marine, filled with fish of all backgrounds, Douglas makes the poem seem to be quite great but likewise profoundly modern and general. The typicality of it all would be that the fish’s every have one common desire, a sexual desire to be more accurate. This kind of accumulation of “cruel wish for love” from your flock of fish; towards a light stone which usually radiates natural beauty, makes the poem seem slightly immoral due to way she “slyly” draws them in with their undeniable lust.

The way in which Douglas set ups each stanza adds to the significance behind the fish, including the idea of just how universal the fish’s behaviour and pondering patterns happen to be (lust/love). Resulting in a whole head of seafood coming over to check out her splendor. For example in a few of the stanzas (such because three, 4 and five) we can see that Douglas presents a new sort of fish/man for each and every stanza exhibiting how men are generally ‘all’ a similar despite their particular backgrounds. The size of the stanzas being a similar throughout can also represent the typicality of men, which means it is common throughout, almost predicted.

Although there are metaphors throughout this composition, the enjambment is also an important technique from this poem mainly because in every stanza it can be heavily utilized. In the estimate “The seafood swim off on organization: and the girl sits exclusively at the table” there is a fresh line between the two clauses further contributing to the unpredictability of the girl but it also displays how brief ‘beauty’ can be, either the lady has grown aged or this wounderful woman has stopped showing off her body system. Furthermore exactly why enjambment adds to the unpredictability is really because on every series Douglass uses it to delay the intention of emotion showing how amazed the seafood are to this stone/woman.

In the last stanza we can see situational irony; that the escalation of attraction among all the men (thinking they can get something), gets refused by the woman, forcing them to go back to staying normal again. This is because the “ice-cream can be finished”, put simply she has ended teasing and flaunting her body. Finally this leaves her with only the option of having a steady and wearisome life using a boring wealthy man (“collector”), who can often her want/needs of money. Furthermore the woman would not find her partner to get love since all the men were in a crazy lust for her human body, not taking in account for her personality lurking behind the field.

To conclude we can see that Keith Douglas key technique is by simply continuously comparing his tips using metaphors throughout the composition. One determine that came to mind when composing this dissertation was Marilyn Monroe, mainly because in her era your woman had a lot attraction, maybe because contemporary society wasn’t accustomed to such splendor, that people (men in general) hyped her ‘level’ of attraction.


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