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According to United States Region Court Section of Ma Civil Action 11-10313-GAO (2013), Anderson, Silva, Meeks and Funches contracted through a limited liability company by the name of SLS to do delivery providers work on part of HDA (United Says District Court District of Massachusetts, 2013).

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When applying this to business placing the business entity hiring subcontractors must state in a created contract whether or not the employee will be treated like a subcontractor under a 1099 taxes form or as a subcontract employee intended for the business. Under the assumptions manufactured in mass standard law 149 subsection 148B, subcontractors will be deemed employees if they meet selected criteria within the law. This kind of criteria is definitely determined underneath general functioning practices and business owners should be aware of these standards before selecting subcontractors (United States Section Court Region of Ma, 2013).

The difficulties that came about in the Anderson v HDA civil suit could have been prevented by utilizing a highly effective risk management method for contracts review and management. Co-employment issues happen in the other relationships because of the unknown, it is therefore beneficial to know as much as possible regarding all associations that are encompassed for the job at hand. Comprehending the Torts financial obligations that can happen in the parts of contract terminology and discussions will ensure that liabilities will be managed early on in the romance building method.

An effective way to handle this risk is to identify the breaks that may exist with career status classification, ensure that required tax forms are completed, monitor direct partnership and have direct relationship attestations concerning their direct relationship with their contractors. The next step is to have ongoing control mechanism in place to screen regulations and update business directory and standard operation methods. Reference United States District Court docket District of Massachusetts. (2013).

Civil Action 11-10313-GAO. Retrieved coming from United States Section Court Section of Massachusetts, website.

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