JSBMHA and HIPAA Case Study Essay

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Based on the laws concerning HIPAA wherever it pertains to serving and protecting patients’ rights, HIPAA is put into place to protect patient rights by simply not permitting any medical expert to discuss a patients diagnosis, symptoms or any type of other details regarding their particular care with another person not directly included in their case. Because of this, a patient’s id and confidential information is definitely kept that way. Violations happen to be punishable legally.

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HIPAA abstains an excessive influence continuously for the rights of patients’, all areas concerned with the JSBMHA was affected both employees. All their conversation unknowingly had an impact on the sufferers, as well as set their agency in a tough situation. The results of their chat could have induced the grandmother of the 3 children to share with others regarding the lack of privacy that the employee’s shows in the public forum which could have the agency appear upon adversely. Other individuals who deals with this agency could become conscious and made to feel unpleasant about giving up any information.

From the outside looking in ti will look like any information received by the JSBMHA is at risk of not being completely secured, at that point trust between two celebrations has been sacrificed. The activities that should be used should be to hang the two individuals, their activities were an immediate violation in the code of ethics. They need to know and understand that they have placed the agency within a serious dilemma as well as misplaced the trust of one and maybe more people and their family members.

As far as John goes he should’ve known better since he’s recently been with the organization much longer after that Betty, it absolutely was is his responsibility to see her that we now have certain conversation that are to be left inside the office and this this one has not been one to have got in public. Furthermore because Jim is a “seasoned vet” in social work after two decades he should know the code of values front to back so he should be suspended indefinitely without shell out. Jim should have been mare like a mentor to Betty rather than gossiping good friend.

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