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Kerala, the ‘God’s Own Country’, is based on the extreme Southern part of India. It has a location of 38863 sq . kilometers and a population of 3. 18 crores. Kochi, or even more familiarly, Cochin is a city of many parts. Around for a long, while, Kochi performed a crucial role in the development of delivery and control in the region.

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Kochi’s prime area on the western coast, it is fine bay and protected harbor made it well-liked by seafarers and merchant delivers who manufactured frequent ceases to stock up on spices, coffee and solid wood enroute towards the rich marketplaces of Europe and West Asia. And so down the age groups, Kochi prospered as a occupied port city and business centre. It is seafront remains to be extremely relevant to Cochin and India: this houses a Naval Foundation and one of India’s most popular ports. It’s twin city, Ernakulam, is a crucial railhead and industrial centre.

Kerala – God’s own Country tagline has been utilized because of its site, landscaping as well as its surroundings. It is the amalgamation of lush and tropical Malabar Coast around the west along with verdant backwaters in the centre ranging from Cochin to Kollam and Nilgiri mountain selection covered with tea farms in the east. Kerala… The God’s own country Kerala, meaning “land of coconut trees”, is one of the relatively well kept secrets of all the exotic destinations on the globe.

However , Kerala’s popularity has increased over the past few years. National Geographic” travel mag lists Kerala among the 50 must observe locations on the globe. Not surpirisingly, the State Tourism Department encourages Kerala’s pure beauty, breathtaking luxurious landscape and tropical beach locations as “God’s own country”. The result has become a signifiant increase of visitors and tourists.

The Sanskrit saying “athithi devo bhava”( treat the guest just like God, with respect and honour) is ingrained inside the collective diathesis of the persons of Kerala.

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