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No, humans did not evolve from apes, but did we progress from apes then? Very well turns out despite the fact that we are even more closely associated with apes than monkeys, we all still didn’t evolve from. So who or perhaps what performed humans progress from?

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Scientists believe that human beings share one common ancestor with modern African apes (gorillas, chimpanzees). This kind of ancestor resided five to eight , 000, 000 years ago, although hold on in the event this was accurate wouldn’t this mean that humans and apes would be the exact same? According to evolution we would be, however the ancestors kinds diverged into two individual linages one being the apes and chimps and the other one being an early human known as hominid. There have been many different hominids but after some time the hominids who didn’t go wiped out, evolved and diverged hence becoming a fresh species.

The statement that humans result from monkeys is a misconception since if that were true in that case we would have zero monkeys, yet instead all of those monkeys will be humans; that or the apes would be slowly and gradually evolving in human like creatures as time passes. The theory of evolution completely refutes this statement intended for the reasons explained previously. The idea suggests that all of us didn’t originate from monkeys or apes nevertheless from a common ancestor this can be depicted by a tree of life numerous branches. The tree is a common antecedent, ascendant, ascendent, and the divisions are the various species installed from that ancestral. Over time a few branches decline while others prosper turns out i was one of the thriving branches.

Evidence that this is actually a false impression is fossils and modern day observations. Experts have discovered many different kinds of hominid fossils. They are all significantly different and several share the traits of monkeys and apes even though some share qualities of humans nowadays.

By way of example homo sapiens being the ones mostly related to us have a large mind size a forehead that rises sharply, eyebrow textures that are tiny, a visible chin and a much less heavy bone composition than past hominids.

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