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A Good Guy Is Hard To Find

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Flannery O Connor, Vehicle accident, Accident Exploration, Meaning Of Life

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Even though he is compared to divinity, The Misfit can be not a “good man, inches just as the Grandmother can be not a good girl. O’Connor purposely alludes to the Old Testament because the deity described there is not necessarily “good” in the sense that He gives joy to human beings. Alternatively, the Biblical God is vengeful, packed with wrath and disgust to get humanity. God is, in many ways, like The Misfit. He provides disasters upon humanity and punishes persons, often without a reason, as in the storyplot of Work. The Old Legs God can now be compared with Christ, about who the granny and The Misfit exchange a large number of words. Based upon their discussion posts, it is clear that The Misfit has considered the nature of Christ far more compared to the grandmother, who also simply depends on her trust. The grandma continuously pleads with The Misfit to “pray. ” However , his response is definitely an perceptive investigation in the nature of Jesus; The Misfit has lost his emotional connection with a God who he feels permits life to become so meaningless. The Misfit states, “Jesus thrown almost everything off stability. It was the same case with Him much like me except he we hadn’t committed any crime and so they could prove I had fashioned committed a single, ” (131). The Misfit here compares himself immediately with Jesus, but he does thus logically, remembering that he could be a common criminal. The Misfit’s disillusionment is directly associated with his lack of ability to understand rudeness, torture, and pain. The Misfit’s reference to his father’s death tips that probably the Misfit started to be a sociopath because of his inability effectively digest life’s cruel mishaps.

Accidents certainly are a major idea within “A Good Guy is Hard to Find. ” O’Connor emphasizes the theme of injuries when the kids scream “We’ve had an INCIDENT! ” (125). The car crash, moreover, took place directly because of the grandmother’s unintentionally mistaking Tn for Georgia. The fact which the cat, a blameless, morally exempt animal, actually causes Bailey drive an automobile off the road underscores the central theme that life often entails worthless and agonizing accidents. Interestingly, the cat “rubs itself up against” the leg of The Misfit after he has shot the entire friends and family.

O’Connor handles somehow to portray The Misfit in a sympathetic mild. In fact , with religious images and significance, O’Connor analyzes the Misfit’s story recover of Christ, who has “thrown everything away balance” if it is both human being and work, by speaking love within a world stuffed with pain and horror (132). The Misfit has so much trouble digesting Jesus’ meaning of love in the same manner he features trouble absorbing the grandmother’s affection. In “A Very good Man is difficult to Find, ” O’Connor shows that life is stuffed with moral unconformity and meaningless pain. The Misfit’s encounter with the Grandmother nevertheless demonstrates to be informative; the “cloudless sky” is a symbol of the moment of clarity both characters obtain. When she dies, the grandmother “lay in a mess of blood vessels… smiling up at the cloudless sky, inches (132).

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