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COMPANY Profile Atlas Honda Limited (AHL) is known as a joint venture of two businesses the Atlas Group and Honda Motor Co. Limited., Japan. This business was created 23 years ago.

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The company happens to be manufacturing motorcycles and parts. Honda motorcycles are the most significant selling motor bikes in the country with matchless status for impressive quality, trustworthiness and its customer care. Atlas gets the country’s major in-house production capability in its Karachi and Sheikhupura crops. AHL supervision is trying to modernize company functions by changing applicable areas of research and theory plus more specifically, Honda’s unique beliefs of hard/soft technologies to the realities of Pakistani circumstances. Company managing structure, devices and techniques are transformed according to the needs of the buyer, growth and new technology.

Hard work is being made to build up participation at all levels of personnel in decision-making and a strong and powerful delegation has been established in levels wherever applicable. Various participation courses such as ‘Ala Mayar’ Top quality Circles motion, launched in 1985, will be strongly prompted to allow positive self-expression and teamwork. Atlas Honda is playing a groundbreaking role in creating conditions for easy and assured use of motorbikes all over the country. A vast and developing network of over 1600 motorcycles product sales service and spare parts traders has been proven.

In order to support this system, Atlas has set up Technological Training Centers in Karachi and Lahore, which provide several courses of varying length and difficulty for motor bike mechanics and users annually. Mobile teaching facilities take the latest skills, technology and maintenance of motor bikes to main rural and urban centers around the region. STRATEGIC GOALS Customers 5. Our consumers are the reason and the supply of our organization. It is each of our joint purpose with our traders to ensure that each of our customers enjoy the highest level of satisfaction by use of Honda Motorcycles. Top quality * To ensure our products and services meet the established standards of excellence.

ORGANIZATION ISSUES EFFECTS High Price of goods Difficult to preserve high quality development at excessive market demand Complexity in coordination and communication amongst facilities, suppliers and two geographical places i. at the. Karachi and Sheikhupura plant life Slow response or long lead-time in the vendors

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