Palestine children: Returning to Haifa and other stories Essay

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The center East culture is based on civilization dating returning to ancient instances. For instance science, arts, crafted language, math concepts, a legal program and other cultures that thrived in ancient Sumer, Persia, Egypt and other parts of Middle East. A lot of influence was left on later nationalities of Portugal and The italian capital. Middle East today contains a rich ethnical contribution to the three significant world religions, the entertainment industry, a practice of folklore music and dance and a growing economic power bottom.

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The publication was authored by Glassan Kahafani who was a spokesman to get the Popular The front for Liberation of the Palestinian people as well as the founder manager of the Al -Hadaf publication. The publication focuses on Palestinian children who have became subjects of displacement, immigration and occupation till they started to be participants and leaders with the resistance movements so that they can have a better long term. It gives experience of the conflict in Palestine that manufactured the children in the centre East languish in lower income for the better part of the twentieth hundred years.

The book depicts the political, social and human being realities of the Palestinian people between1936-1967 (Kanafani, Ghassan s. 187) The book’s subject is in collection with Kanafanis belief that Palestinians salvation lies in younger group of people as well as a true representation of his feelings and love for the children. It also provides an insight of children in their daily challenges with poverty and a life of job. He is able to highlight the plight of children having this individual himself been through a life of displacement, hunger and deprivation during his years as a child in the 1948 tragedy. The conflict of the Palestinians plus the Zionists is likewise brought out inside the stories inside their identities, dialects and category strife.

That brings out your life in refugee camps where children succumbed to political and ideological changes due everlasting traumas of war. The book likewise provides just fourteen other testimonies which include; your child who borrows his uncle’s gun and goes east to Safad; Doctor Quassim talks to Eva about Mansur who arrived in Safad and Citadel at Jaddin type a sequence wherever Mansur a seventeen yr old boy may be the protagonist. All these short testimonies highlight the importance of a weapon in reaching manhood to get a Palestinian youth.

Another place where a gun is used being a protagonist is in the story of Citadel where he writes that a father surrender his olive tree, family members income and life to participate in an attack to ensure that he could easily get the firearm as a wedding ceremony gift to his boy on his wedding ceremony night. The gun is likewise described as a lot like measles which usually when it grows to a child, then it means that your life has just commenced and that life is guaranteed afterwards (Kanafani, Ghassan p. 187). According to Kanafani, Ghassan he explained that there was clearly a generational gap between Palestinian populations.

This was discovered due to an explosion of anger between the older people if they saw which the young ones experienced succeeded in fighting for any just and national cause. While time for Haifa the older people will be described as having made a blunder by having looked behind in the past instead of looking at the near future ahead of these people. It summarizes that the Palestinians had a personal responsibility within their own plight due to their own shortcomings and succumbing to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

Last but not least, the book explains that they lost their particular homeland as well as the need to restore what they lost in the past through actions.

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