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Looking carefully at Birmingham by William Blake and Composed upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth, compare and contrast the two ways city of Birmingham is provided and defined by both of these poets. In this essay I will look at the perspectives of William Blake and William Wordsworth towards the metropolitan city and rural country, focusing on London, uk by Bill Blake and Composed after Westminster Link by Bill Wordsworth. The two poets were in the intimate movement, and both exhibit their own landscapes, ideas and opinions relating to romanticism through the language and structure of their poems.

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The romantic poets believed strongly in the beauty of character and the power that nature has over the creativeness. Romantic poets saw character as a creative stimulus uplifting them to view the world much more depth and detail than any other person could. The movement of the romantics was happening throughout the French wave and the Professional revolution. The romantics had been highly crucial of these cycles and contrasted the tarnished industrial civilisation with the unblemished elegance of nature.

The organic environment of the country was often contrasted towards the filthiness and desolation with the manmade urban centers, which were rapidly growing with the Commercial revolution. In London Blake sets across his view of Londons roads at night, while Wordsworths Consisting upon Wc2 Bridge identifies London inside the early dawn of morning hours before human activity has disrupted it. The two poems are individual and told from a exclusive perspective of the two poets, however they give remarkably contradictory views in the urban metropolis.

The way in which Birmingham is explained in equally poems is extremely definite make across in incredibly various ways. As both equally poets are romantics you could expect the poems to get of the same variety, however this is incorrect. In Wordsworths Composed after Westminster Bridge the language is definitely blissful and uses characteristics and scenery as a motivation to show the emotions of contentment and tranquillity. Whereas in Blakes London the chinese language is depressing and adverse, this invokes emotions of misery and hopelessness. The first composition I will be analysing is London by Bill Blake. This kind of poem can be written in a regular, streaming rhythm.

Each stanza is composed of four lines, which are consisting of seven or eight syllables each. This can be a manipulated formation which in turn symbolises the tightly handled chartered creation of London at this time. The feeling of being captured in this civilisation is presented through the standard and repeated pace with the stanzas. These repetitive stanzas symbolise the very fact that in Blakes opinion London experienced no identity and character, as the whole city was identical. The poem repeats the word every multiple times, this kind of shows that Blake thought that every thing was incredibly cyclical.

Inside the first stanza Blake uses he terms I stroll, this implies that this poem can be written about his own personal activities and thoughts. Wander suggests he is going for walks in a chaotic way, without real direction. In this stanza the word chartered is also repeated, this is emphasising the fact Blake feels London is handled and mapped out. As Blake describes the scene this individual uses the word mark(s) more often than once to emphasise the purpose that the entire city is definitely blemished and imperfect. There is alliteration in this stanza. marks of weak point, marks of woe.

the term woe is also further emphasised by being the end word in the stanza which usually rhymes with the end term of the second line. In the second stanza the first three lines are started in the same way atlanta divorce attorneys. This is performed because Blake wants to demonstrate that almost everything is the same not just some points. Another repeated word is cry, this can be an emphasis of what he can listen to as he walks through Greater london. He can notice the same appears. In this stanza there is also solid metaphor brain forged manacles. this implies that the people of London have created their own chains, and bad their own not perfect lives.

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