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his research paper discusses the qualities that are necessary for an effective counseling therefore any counselor considered powerful must posses them. The paper provides a separate exploration of both personal and specialist qualities necessary for any good counselor. The personal qualities form a more substantial part of the dialogue because the professional qualities depend wholly for the individual attributes since specialist qualities exclusively can’t define a counselor but powerful personal features alone can make a good counselor. The main targets of this newspaper is to arranged pace for subsequent studies on the area of effective counseling but most importantly, the paper is aimed at giving information to training counselors and individuals who have the ambition of taking advice and therapies as a career.

Through learning the qualities necessary for effective counseling, persons can exercise them and build their profession to respected and specialist counselors.

Personal and Specialist Qualities Essential for an Effective Counselor

Counseling is process in whose main goal is to support other people make better choices of their lives and cause them to become better decision makers of present alternatives (Gladding, 2008).

The counselor qualities involve those features that will help in forming operating counseling interactions as well as building proper intervention programs that can help clients alter their pondering, perceptions, attitudes and feelings. The assistance and

counseling occupation has needed the possession of both personal and professional characteristics which might be necessary for entry into the direction and counselling activities and also evaluate the performance of the people under the counseling program.

Whiston (2009) records that effective counselors always strive to understand the condition(s) with their clients and exactly how they can be solved. A good counselor should as a result have an optimistic and unconditional view of the recovery in the client. As soon as the understanding continues to be reached then the progressive therapies relationship is made. This personal quality from the counselors make up the basis by which individuals under the counseling program can openly express their particular experiences, thoughts and acknowledgement of their feelings. This top quality has some specialist elements in this the counselor must display openness through this relationship as well as creating a cozy, safe and confidential environment for your customer which is a indication that the counselor is dedicated to support, encourage and help.

An effective counselor must not be over judgmental in planning to win the trust with the client inside the counseling romantic relationship (Gladding, 2008). This top quality provides the client the environment required to disclose all the details that is needed in the counseling program. By being less judgmental, the counselor will give space for a client to express their personalities and improve on the friendly ambiance and attitude so that the counselling process can easily grow. In addition , body language is vital quality in order to individuals to express their feeling towards other folks. Using the correct posture, retaining a timed eye contact and giving the client personal space is crucial to conveying the heat that the counselor has to the counseling process and to the customer (Whiston, 2009). The way the counselor speaks must conform to his/her body language in order that the client can easily have reassurance of the reality of the counselor

Extending ideal respect and value of any client is very crucial intended for an effective counselling program. A powerful counselor can express an optimistic acceptance in the client so that disclosure info is total

along with improve free of charge interaction. This respect is going to enable a counselor check out chances to get change and supply accepted and genuine focus and qualified. More importantly, effective counselors should respect themselves first before wanting the same being extended simply by others. This is often done through building solid realistic and self well worth virtues along with receiving and giving support to others. That they shouldn’t isolate themselves and have any feeling of personal destructiveness. Furthermore, effective counselor must initial know who they actually are and what they are capable of accomplishing concerning advice and therapies before they get to be aware of their consumers. They should have got clear goals of what exactly they want o accomplish in their brand of career with a clear impression of beliefs and goals that are very important in participating individuals who really need counseling just like drug addicts and family assault victims.

Powerful counselors must recognize the bounds of their electricity especially influential and effective powers because they may endanger the effectiveness of a counseling program thus they must be able to acquire their electrical power (Whiston, 2009). However , effective counselors will not use their particular power for his or her own gain but to support and support the customers in the ideal reform procedures. On the other hand, Gladding (2008) state that effective consultants must always be in touch with themselves especially when coping with clients who present precisely the same experiences because those of the counselor. In such instances the counselor will give his or her side of experiences in that case compare with those of the client then simply come up with a effectively recovery plan. Effective advisors are always attentive to change in methods they use to cope with counseling and guidance issues of their clients. Other significant personal attributes of an powerful counselor might include toleration of ambiguities from the client, looking at things from the other peoples points of views especially the customer, being effective in all techniques involved in a counseling system as well as getting present focused and not dwelling so much around the past to resolve current challenges.

Education in psychology or related discipline is considered an important professional quality that counselor need to posses. Nevertheless , a degree or perhaps certificate from this field will not make an individual an effective counselor

nevertheless the integration with this knowledge into real life encounters that are causes of many cultural problems that need attention of any counselor. Good educated counselors will always try to learn more about themselves and others. Encounter is another professional quality of an effective counselor which can be two fold. Initial the experience obtained from the advice and counseling career is vital in making a highly effective counselor. On the other hand, life experience present a person with probabilities to increase to a even more complete person which is also an important quality to get effective counseling. Practice is definitely part of experience and is a far more practical top quality that powerful counselor need to possess. Satisfactory training in the field of counseling through organized community forums, conferences and workshops are necessary to perform a highly effective counseling. Consultants should always search for jobs that may provide beneficial helping expertise that are important in counseling programmes.

Counselling is a lengthy procedure just like problem solving and decision making process. As such powerful counselors should be conversant considering the steps which can be involved in fixing a problem. Recognition of a circumstance that needs focus is the 1st analytical skill that consultants must have. This skill will help all of them in determining who requirements counseling assistance. Problem recognition skills may help the advisors understand the mother nature of the problems that the client faces. Then, an effective counselor will go in advance to prognosis the problem to determine what could end up being the cause then simply prognosis skills can be used to identify various alternatives for the identifies challenges. Healing or repairing the psychological complications faced simply by clients is performed here then evaluation skills will be used to adhere to up the overall performance of the counseling program.

From this paper, intended for an individual to be considered a highly effective counselor, they must have a great mixture of both personal and specialist qualities. All these activities include developing the proper attitude towards clients to help make the counseling process successful. This will likely lead to a great relationship with all the clients along with building a concrete floor rapport builds thus a strong foundation towards the counseling process because it shows legitimacy in the counseling procedure.


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