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Theory On Television

The picture I will be explaining is from the show, Called gossip girl. The environment is present time in New york, New York that revolves around the lives of over fortunate teenagers going to a exclusive private prepare school. The scene displays a trio group with the “leader, ” Blair Waldorf on the methods at their school where they often meet. Jenny Humphrey, an eager low school freshman happy to do anything Blair Waldorf directions, approaches the trio with handmade invites for Blair’s upcoming party that the girl created with the hopes of receiving one particular herself for hard work. She in turn, truly does receive one particular at the time that Manhattan’s “it” girl, Serena Van Jeder Woodsen arrives to the field as well. Blair and Serena have a mild showdown and the scene ends with the terno leaving the “it” young lady on the actions all alone.

a. The attitude that is certainly expressed between the characters, Blair Waldorf and Jenny Humphrey portray that social category differences obviously still exist. Conflict Theory declares that contemporary society is “characterized by pervasive inequality based on social category, gender, and other factors”(Smith 2013: 3. 1) Jenny Humphrey was not simply a freshman, but she’s considered poor in the sight of people just like Blair Waldorf. Humphrey lives in Brooklyn and rides the town bus everyday to school and her daddy is a middle-class man who sells low-level art to get a living. As opposed, Blair Waldorf’s mother can be one of New York’s most fawned more than fashion designers, delegating himself to be certainly one of society’s many elite. It really is evident the interaction changed between the two could be viewed in two ways: the poor and rich. Jenny Humphrey is a hopeful anytime she is hit with an elite and yearns to be one and live their lives. Blair Waldorf simply does not care to know anyone below her is available unless she believes that they steer a relevant cause to a plan this wounderful woman has at that moment. This kind of exemplifies the macrosociological””part of sociology that deals with concerns involving mass social change”(Barkan: 3. 1)”inequalities within culture. Based on their particular social course, Blair Waldorf believes this lady has the upper hand for the circumstance against Jenny Humphrey who is not as privileged. It is much more likely that an individual like Jenny Humphrey would immediately agree to whatever interests someone like Blair Waldorf puts her up to since Blair is viewed as the excellent being. Blair utilizes her sociological point of view, the “belief that peoples’ social qualification influence their attitudes, “(Barkan: 1 . 1) to endeavor through her efforts while using status of wealth.

Utilitarianism, otherwise known as the exchange theory “emphasizes that when people interact, they seek to maximize the benefits they will gain from the interaction and also to reduce the disadvantages”(Barkan: 3. 1). In the scene, Jenny Humphrey evidently “seeks the benefits” from the “interaction” she exchanges with Blair and her two minions. She perceives her chance to be acknowledged into their society, a “group of people who live within a very well defined territory and who also share a culture”(Barkan: 1 ) 1) of prestige and wealth.

Conflict theory impacts this kind of scene because the social classes of the rich and poor clash minds. Although Jenny applies the exchange theory here simply by assembling the party invitations to receive 1 herself, she’s still by a disadvantage, whether or not she will not realize that now. This is how the conflict theory comes in. It may seem just like Blair was graciously starting an opportunity intended for Jenny for any place underneath the spotlight, but it really was really a just treatment to get what the lady wanted. Blair employs those she knows that are under her socially and financially to do her biddings since she understands she can easily. In our contemporary society, those who originate from money commonly behave in a manner that sets these people higher than those who do not. This happens pertaining to like Blair, especially if she’s in the luxuries of her own interpersonal environment, a term pertaining to “social backgrounds”(Barkan: 1 . 1) which in this case, is high-end.

Truthfully, I did not understand how specific sociology performs out in just about every situation, unique in a television show or just reality in general (I know, it’s super foolish because that may be what the class centers around). Promoted helps acquire my mind about the perspective of why people in our world are the way that they are today. Sociological perspectives also helped me see how cyclical our behaviors are with every passing era, which also explains the key reason why of how persons came to be the way that they are today.

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