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Counselors cope with wide selection of ethnicities, religion, vocabulary, lifestyle, and values of folks. In order to counsel effectively, a therapist need to recognize his own value systems to have respect for human individuality and liberties of choice. Each time a counselor analyzes his individual strengths and weakness, he can begin to favorably assist the client in expanding alternatives intended for problem solving. Whom we are is actually a direct reaction to our abilities and failings, our pushes and personalities, our habits and beliefs. Many of us are not inclined to spend time about self reflection.

Even when personal feedback is usually presented to us, we could not always open to it because honest reviews is not always flattering. Home awareness can easily improve the judgment and help us identify opportunities for professional creation and personal growth¦ “Counselors with well developed mental self recognition are more successful intuitive decision makers. User-friendly qualities build a “gut feeling or a “sense of what is best. It will help guide inside the counseling sessions for a far better approach.

 (The part of Stress and Adverse Emotions in Occupational Turmoil, 2002). How competent am i not as a counselor? What are my strengths and weaknesses?

The American Counseling Association (ACA) emphasizes the significance of counselor self awareness to be able to accurately evaluate one’ expertise and restrictions of competence (ACA, 1995). Self determining one’s efficiency is important to answer these concerns and determine the range of practice. Counselors are usually human beings with needs, values, feelings and biases. Unless of course I know myself, I will not understand my clients. Until my own bias’s, prejudices, personal interests and emotional weakness, are comprehended, I will not be able to understand why my clients react or respond as they carry out. To successfully assist customers, I need to understand myself well and continuously work for home assessment and private development. (Prince, 2010) Personal Awareness allows the counselor to be honest to self and to the clientele. It also helps to avoid unethical behaviors. Like a counselor I should be assessing 1) Competence: This would require expanding my own knowledge and skill through learning, practice and research. 2) Electric power: -to avoid using my location and expertise to master. 3) Closeness: I need to always be balanced and welcome the relationship

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