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In 38 Lee founded the The samsung company Trading Company which was the grounding rock of his soon-to-be disposition. He was born 1910 in Uiryeong in Korea great first attempt as an entrepreneur was in 1936 when he founded a rice mill which in turn didn’t go very well. His second attempt, the Korean Trading Company which traded with fruits, fish and vegetables was more successful. This is certainly rather amazing under the circumstances of firstly the Japanese rule, then the topsy-turvy after-war some the label of Korea to a Soviet and an American managed part and then the consequent Korean Battle, which happened from 1950 ” 1953.

But this is the important point of Lee Byung-Chull. He was a very strong promoter of the country and his main purpose was going to strengthen area Korea. In respect to him, to build up a country you have to develop its economic climate and this is exactly what he did. He concentrated within the fields of economy that were necessary to develop the nation’s economy.

Using the with creating substitutes pertaining to imported products like sugars and materials ” Cheil Sugar Co. and Cheil Textiles ” which were basic, home-produced items. A regarded statement of Lee is, that ‘this will build domestic sectors, provide a steady supply of inexpensive goods, and offer more jobs to people along with contribute to the country’s technological development and expansion of industrial activities. ‘

The quote reveals, that Lee’s primary aim was not to earn money but for establish national wealth which in retrospect, was the key of his accomplishment. Over the time Lee founded several sections in a wide range of economic domains and in the late 1960’s he started the electronic limbs, which will later end up being the most important portion of the Korean group. For what reason Lee Byung-Chull was such a successful entrepreneur can be explained by his philosophy. It involves three fundamental motivations; engaging in business intended for national service, man and talent first and pursuit of reasoning and reality. Later it had been enlarged to five concepts and today it is named the ‘Samsung spirit’. ‘

‘Engaging in operation for national service summarizes what was previously discussed previous. Man and talent first is probably the most critical explanation for Lee’s accomplishment. He hardly ever employed persons because of their simple manpower together seeing these people as equipment, but this individual searched their special skills, trained all of them and offered them obligations. The third element of his idea pursuit of logic and reality is something which should be essential but which in the truth is often missing. Lee when said, that logic and reality  [] enables [you] to cut costs and produce cost-effective and high-quality products.

This is exactly why it is always crucial to introduce systems from advanced nations and develop systems, which are critical to improving business management. It not just helped Samsung to function rational and efficient nevertheless also separated it coming from illogical home-based or personal connections. One other aspect of Lee’s way of controlling was the importance of good quality and a trustful relationships with all the suppliers. Pertaining to him it is essential that his product will be perfect and he put a great deal of work into this kind of goal.

All of these pieces of his philosophy generate him a pioneer of an entrepreneur although also an exceptional good entrepreneur. He is targeted on a straight line and is aware what is vital that you succeed in organization. He is reliable and trustable ” you can be sure regarding the quality of the items he creates and confident in the companies. Because of this , doing business with Lee Byung-Chull is not just recommendable yet also highly promising. Shelter Byung-Chull is seen as a common entrepreneur. He is at the same time the organizer of the factory, to a certain degree the owner of the factory, a risk-taker and a experienced and innovator who prospects the company. He is the one who at first created the The samsung company Trading Business and later founded the Samsung korea Group having its gigantic network of sections.

When Lee died in 1987 Samsung and the world lost an excellent entrepreneur whom actively interacted and shaped the business world of today. His once revolutionary ways of leading his company became the model of today’s entrepreneurship.



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