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Unique summary:

This kind of report research the ideal capabilities (resources and competences) of the H&M by using the strategic tools worth chain, main competences and identify the skills and weak point of company. It discusses the company financial position and their civilizations. It also use TOWS matrix to advise the strategies and employ Ansoff matrix for method and way. It also access or assess those tactics by using the Suitability, Feasibility, and Acceptability.

1 ) Introduction:

This report investigates the H&M strategic features (value chain, resource examine and core competences).

Accounting ratios bring financial position which will helps to comparison with competitors. TOWS matrix will help in recommendation of future strategies and SFA criteria measure the strategies. Ansoff model is used for the newest direction and method to the recommendation.

1 ) 1 . H&M Company Profile:

H&M began in 1947 by Erling Persson in small town VästerÃ¥s in Sweden. It is first was called Hennes, Swedish pertaining to “hers advertising only could clothing.

In 1964, the initially store exterior Sweden unwraps in Norway. In late 1960s, E. Persson acquired house and stock of hunting equipment shop named Mauritz Widfoss in Stockholm. Products on hand of gents clothing a part of store prompting to broaden business of men’s and children’s clothes. The store was renamed Hennes & Mauritz, which later on became H&M (H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB, 2013) Now H&M is leading global apparel retailer with turnover including VAT of SEK150 billion dollars and revenue after duty with SEK 17. 2 billion in 2013 and 3132 store in 53 countries about five continents and on the web hm. com online store is available in 9 countries.

H&M recieve more than 60 years’ encounter in clothing market. It offers collection of women’s, man’s, kid’s and makeup products. The main organization concept is always to provide fashion and top quality at the ideal price. (H & M Hennes & Mauritz ABDOMINAL, 2013) As it is seen in fb timeline (Appendices 1). Clothing and fashion selling is excitable competitive market. H&M looks competition through the local chain, departmental store, specific shop andinternational chain. However in each and every market H&M is facing with international retailer. Zara, Gap, Uniqlo and H&M are the most severe competitors. (Penanster, 2012)

installment payments on your Value cycle of H&M:

Value cycle is the kinds of activities within an organisation which in turn create merchandise & support. It helps strategist to think of a great organisation regarding set of activities ” major and assisting activities. These types of activities assist to analyse way to obtain competitive positive aspects. Primary actions are involved in physical delivery or perhaps creation of product or service. The importance each of these actions will vary among different types of business. Supporting activities helps to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of primary actions.

Supporting Actions


Major Activities

Source: Adapted with all the permission with the Free Press, a Trademark Simon & Schuster, Incorporation., from Competitive Advantage: Creating and Preserving Superior Performanceby Michael Electronic. Porter. Copyright laws 85, 1998 by simply Michael Electronic. Porter. Every rights reserved Figure 1 . 1: H&M value cycle

2 . 1Buying and Design and style Department:

H&M value sequence has extremely important role of purchasing organization as it does not produce decent itself. It focuses on current fashion trend formula and gives to production section which is liable to creation office. It is entrusted to buying and style department. Division is located in head office where each of the idea and collection develop. H&M has team of budget control mechanism, 160 designers, 100 habits designer and 100 buyers who regularly working on creating and newest fashion. Trend has very short shelf life so it is risky industry and so some component to collection is not going to receive simply by customers. It is quite important to find the balance between component and business concept- fashion, top quality and ideal price. In addition, it collaborates with famous designers to create more value to merchandise and company. (H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB, 2013)

2 . 2 Production source

H&M usually do not own any production or manufacturing operation. Company include 22 development offices which are responsible for deal with nine hundred independent suppliers. It is economical, time conserving and do precisely what is best for business. So it is trusted for 3rd party suppliers and H&M crated code of conduct which allows controlling and ensuring top quality of products. Development office can easily examine the sample outfit as tests equipment happen to be transferred so that it will reduce the time. Hence the communication between production office and supplier plays important role. (e. Business observe, 2011) H&M works hard on sustainability matter, including values and man rights, and works on every day basis to offer environmentally friendly collection customers. (THOMASSON, 2014).

2 . several Outbound strategies:

In fashion sector it is crucial for people who do buiness to have business lead time as short as is possible. As vogue product include very short life cycle. At present business lead time usually takes around three weeks to six month for H&M after pattern is created by designer depending on garment. H&M is aiming to cut lead period by using information technology and échange (ITC), powerful logistics and advance preparing. Company has built effective ordering process that allow retail outlet to be refurbished quickly with best-selling product during the time of year. New products arrive at shop everyday and so H&M can easily constantly replenish range in shop that produces customer visit frequently. It can be all likely by powerful logistic and ITC system. (e. Business watch, 2011) Distribution route of H&M most of goods arrive in Indonesia, Hamburg in distribution middle and ware house where all merchandise are checked out before their transfer to other retailers. Every country has their owned or operated distribution centre so it’s quick to copy from creation office to distribution office and to store. All on the web demand is usually send by simply distribution hub. (e. Business watch, 2011)

2 . a few Marketing and Product sales:

All échange is focused for permanent brand building. By internal or external commutation H&M always attempts to maximise the buyer expectation and confidence in H&M Company. H&M is concerned about healthy, positivereflecting benefit image of manufacturer. They end the contract with top model Kate Moss after drug scandal when your woman was recorded applying cocaine. (bbc. co. uk, 2005) Key competence. ( Fashion, top quality in finest price)

Value: Best cost is part of H&M business principle and one of the competitive advantages. They have a number of stages pertaining to price lowering. First of all most of the operation is performed by company and using only few middle man. Second they buy in big amounts as its market and revenue is large which consequently help to reduce the cost. From then on they work together with numerous supplier in different market, thus they are able to use the advantage of every single market in which production can be achieved in cheapest. Furthermore all their 60 years of experience with this industry is yet another competitive advantages of company when coming to price saving. H&M main concern in every stage is to reduce cost and to provide you with the best cost. (H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB, 2013)


In present situation company must pay great emphasis in quality of goods. It’s hard to make sure you customer with this hypercompetitive industry. Quality is very important issue along with low cost. H&M offer customer quality with combination of best value and fashion. They are more concern of customer satisfaction and brand image with it comes to top quality. They can repayment if a few product is does not match the normal. H&M possess maintained the quality with product, but also in environmental impact and reasonable labour practice. (H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB, 2013)


H&M one of the key business principles is to maintain the current pattern and design and style new collection. H&M team up with renowned designers including Karl Lagerfeld, Stella artois lager McCartney and lately with Viktor & Rolf and gives fashion conscious customer exciting opportunity in H&M best price. H&M also have 75 designers, 50 patterns designer working on most recent fashion. Each collection must attain the right mixture of sustainable fashion, quality and best price. (H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB, 2013) Fashion can be cheap and ethical since H&M is lobbying in Bangladesh and Cambodia authorities to raise the minimum pay and for good wages. (THOMASSON, 2014)

several. Financial examination:


From the computation of (ROCE) Returns in capital utilized on 2012 is more than year 2 013 therefore, it demonstrates that business was more efficient 47. 12% news and 46. 65% in 2013. Speedy ratio suggest that firm is more leveraged in 2012 than 2013. It is very clear that business have better position of cash on hand in order to meet account payable and other expenditures in 2012 than 2013. “The minimum amount of ratio is often stated 1 ) 0 or 1 . one particular in powerful firm that is regarded as having adequate fluid, however really not unusual for acid ratio to be below 1 . 0 without liquidity problem¦ (Mclancy, 2008). It is not risky business as it is above the lowest level. Fascination cover proportion also displays the sporadic earning from the company.

But also in the year 2013, company much more burdened by aggressive industry expansion and brand enlargement. It should be assess against sector average. The interest covered ratio in 2012 is 4350 times and 2013 is usually 2502. eight times which usually 18047. 2 is less than 2012, and the two are above the market average 22. 58 instances. (, 2013) From the share turnover ratio it is clear that there is glide change in estimate 2012 it as 3. 36 some 3. up to 29 in 2013. It signifies slow product sales which enhance stock of company. The industry normal is five. 28 (, 2013) and firm products on hand is below the industry typical which is problem and ought to resolve as soon as possible by lowering the bulk obtaining process.

3. Culture:

H&M story “never ending enthusiasm for fashion.  Since that time H&M founder Erling Persson opened the first Hennes store in 1947, the cornerstone of H&M has long been offering buyers fashion and quality at the reasonable price. H&M voyage continue together with the business strategy “Fashion and quality in best price in lasting way. H&M evolve while using new market, new idea and new innovation with endless take pleasure in of fashion. H&M value are core of “the H&M way and it is also known as H&M spirit. This is successful business concept with the history of sixty years’ knowledge.

4. Strength and weakness of H&M:



Global Occurrence

Strong brand image

Low costs as well as cheap prices

Associated with celebrities and guest designers

Excessive Growth

Slow Circulation System

Amount of suppliers (required resource)

Buying large volume


H&M’s strength include solid brand photo with fair price. H&M good brand image has motivated, captivated skill manpower and stimulate them to device and also taken advantage of by it is commitment. The global occurrence and excessive expansion policy crated more value to it is brand and associated company. They offer quality clothing by affordable price by outsourcing the production unit, getting in bulk and reducing the center man. Their very own entire notion of wide range and low priced wearing apparel has had many devoted customers for many years. H&M is likewise associated with popular designer and celebrity which enhance the brand image. There is also many supporting businesses that assist them in control and flexibility.

Weak point:

As company is core concept is to provide quality product in best selling price they want minimize the expenditures everywhere likely. So their particular distribution method is centralised and extremely slow to succeed in at retail store and buyers. Customer is very disappointed because they are not able to find the order item in time with their need. (, n. d. ). H&M is also increasing its market in overseas which is constantly challenging in today’s market with its distribution method is very slow and macro- environmental factor like recession, joblessness and large range of production unit is tough tocontrol and look after its composition. Buying significant volume can also lead overstocking and later to lowering of the already affordable prices as some vogue doesn’t work in market of if it reach after the expire of selected fashion or season. six. TOWS MATRIX:

The TOWS Matrix is easy tools for generating ideal options. It is extremely useful for organization for making new strategies the right way to defend coming from threats and weakness and take advantages on strength and options. It work with internal and external environment SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Options and Threats) and collaborating each other that identify a few strategic option. (, 2014)

TOWS Matrix


Global Presence

Solid brand image

Low costs / cheap prices

Linked to celebrities and guest designers

Excessive Growth


Gradual Distribution System

Amount of suppliers (required resource)

Ordering large volume level


Rise of new market

Depreciation of pure silver

Raising demand via aging inhabitants

High demand of sports/ leisure artist were clothing

Go up of growing market as designer centre.

Developing importance of on the web sales

S-O Key Location (Offensive Strategy) 1 . Extreme Expansions & Rise of recent market and = Industry Development installment payments on your low cost as well as cheap price & Associated with celebrities and guest designers & High demand of sports/ leisure designer had been clothing = Product Development

O-W Defensive Approach (Needs Investment) 5. Developing importance of online sales & Slow Syndication System sama dengan

Marketplace Penetration


Open public funding pressure

Monetary stagnation

Issue of sustainability and ecology

six. S-T Protective Strategy (Requires Careful Planning) Public financing pressure (Threat) + Economical Stagnation (Threats) + Low costs as well as Cheap price = Market Transmission

T-W Key Area (Exit Strategy? )

Figure of TOWS Matrix

Ansoff Matrix:

Resource:. (Ansoff, 1988)

Source: Designed from L. I. Ansoff, Corporate Strategy, Penguin, 1988, Chapter 6th. The two advised Strategies for H&M for 2013- 2018 are as follows. Low cost / low price + High demand of sports/ leisure artist were garments (Offensive strategies) Product Development. This (OS) quadrant opportunity and strength advise how firm can benefit from the skills on chances. It is interested in offensive approaches which may cause them to hypercompetitive market and cost leadership tactics.

H&M one of the core advantage is fashion, quality in best value. Product development identifies the strategies by which an organisation gives modified or perhaps new products to existing marketplaces. (Johnson, ou al., 2011)They have more than 150 artist and 100 pattern maker who can research in sector and lots of experience in clothes industry therefore it is easy for these people as they include expertise. While H&M include global presence, associated with celebrities and customer designers they will enter in sports and leisure designer garments in reasonable price which is core concept of firm.

Protecting Strategy (Needs Investment) Developing importance of on the web sales + Slow Circulation System (Market penetration) Opportunity and Weakness OW- particular suggest how company can overcome the weakness. Buying online is getting popular with the advancement and ground-breaking technological invention where smartphone can do more than calling by itself. It’s multi-functional such as mailing and receiving email, watching motion picture, internet surfing around, shopping. Therefore its chance to enter in this market where you can reach and acquire access on planet market without boundaries Industry penetration identifies a strategy of accelerating share of current marketplaces with the current product range (Johnson, et ‘s., 2011). As it is clear from your SWOT analysis that firm distribution system is very slow. Therefore it is very important pertaining to company to build up smooth circulation system.

Today ICT Information communication and technology very advance together with the help of ICT company can develop system that will make fast division. So it is extremely important for business to generate and establish its competence. (Johnson, ainsi que al., 2011) Suitability of Growing need for online product sales + Slower Distribution Program (Market transmission online shopping which will fulfilglobal demand): Suitability is involved with examining which proposed strategies talk about the key possibilities & restrictions an business faces, through an understanding of the strategic position of an company. (Johnson, ain al., 2011).

H&M include 6 online store in which may distribute more than 15 countries but product doesn’t reach in time and most of time is too late as customers are so offset having its late delivery. H&M must compete with ZARA, Gap, Uniqlo as they are the primary competitor. To compete with all of them H&M need to establish speedy distribution system by investing in ITC new computer software which is supporting to division channel. Fresh market in china is developing every day as their economy keeps growing rapidly so that it good to determine good shopping online store and distribution channel in each and every county while using partnership with FedEx Worldwide Shipping Providers. Which will deliver all the on-line demand of H&M

. Acceptability:

Acceptability is involved with whether or not the expected functionality outcomes of your proposed approach meet the anticipations of stakeholders (Johnson, ainsi que al., 2011) looking at the financial functionality company have got positive outcome. Although their particular ROCE is decline by simply few percentage but 46. 67% is definitely promising. Speedy ratio is definitely above the professional average so that it shows they have enough profit hand so they can invest upon other areas. Now fascination covered rate is far more grater then sector average as it is owed simply by equity holder. There is no risk of debt and interest payable or long-term debt. While this company possess much more cash to spend thus they have no long term debt. It is very confident for business not have any financial debt and excessively to spend therefore it is acceptable tactics. As it is capable to fit with in organisational value and tradition and they have started on the net trading it merely requires need more interest and concentrate on distribution. While stake holder are happy with the company doing and operating ethically and sustainably.


Feasibility can be concern with weather a tactics could operate practice. TRATO is 46. 67% in 2013 and 67. 12% in 2012 which is good enough to get retail industry. It means organization is successful although there is go decrease in 2013. There is no gearing in this organization as they are fully own simply by equityholder. While there is no gearing company don’t have any interest payable. (Appendices 2) But they have to pay dividend. H&M is usually aggressively expending in and have got 3200 store much more than 53 countries. Their core competence is trend, quality in best cost. They have got 150 designer and 100 patternmaker how subsequently look after creating process. They have 900 impartial suppliers so it help them to lessen the cost by completion among the list of suppliers.

Controlling change:

In current situation H&M to shop online delivery is incredibly slow. Consumer review claim that its delivery is not really made in time. After they set a relationship with FedEx. Its delivery time will be quick and may deliver item within a few working days after items has been ordered. Organization have to transform its supplier to satisfy the client demand for speedy delivery and its complexity of company composition. It also need to change their way of trading for globalisation and technological innovation. There may be a lot of resistance to get change even though have wide open online store in 5 countries they are certainly not performing well they need to use more through this sector to overcome this problem and change.


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