studies in the dermaptera and orthoptera in the

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In the high seasons of 1911 and 1913, the present authors made comprehensive collections of, and discipline studies in, the Dermaptera and Orthoptera found in the southeastern States. About the time we were able to get started laboratory work with the initial seasons collecting, other series from the same general region were put in our hands, since which in turn time an inereasing volume of data is becoming available bearing on the same subject. We go through the most highly recommended method of making available to staff the really great amount of distribu- tional, synonymic and variational information at this point in hand, to be the publication of the single huge paper.

The authors the been given basically regularly for any period of 2 years to the preparing of this newspaper and others produced necessary simply by collections known herein. It must be borne in mind that the present paper is definitely not a last one, nevertheless instead a contribution based on available material, although almost all of00 the types known in the regions examined are cured. In general, the geographic place covered by the collections in this article studied is definitely, the Seaside Plain and Piedmont locations from the Potomac River to the south to north-central (non-peninsular) Fl, west towards the western boundary of Atlanta. In addition a reasonable amount of fabric from the bigger elevations in Georgia, via certain localities in central Florida and also from Maryland and also other more upper States continues to be ineluded. Aside from the Georgia mountain region records, which are geographically very important, those from away from main region covered by the paper have been completely included to position on record the extreme geographic limits of certain types, or to refer to material used in the detailed dialogue on the types.

In the study of particular genera right here treated we certainly have found it not only desired, but required, to change completely individuals groups as found within United states, in-the span of which operate practically each of the available selections bearing around the subjects had been examined. These types of revisions used much time and involved some travel. The collections states National Art gallery, the Art gallery of Comparative Zoology as well as the Georgia State Collection as well as the private group of Mr. Watts. T. Davis and Prof. A. S. Morse have got furnished plenty of important info, although the greater portion of the information continues to be derived from our collections. The genera which have required comprehensive revis- ionary study happen to be Cariblatta, Scudderia, Amblycorypha, Neocono- cephalus, Orchelimum, Conocephalus, Atlanticus, Cycloptilum, Cryp- toptilum, Gryllus and Miogryllus. Many data have been gathered in the course of the studies right here presented, which usually show the necessity of revisionary operate a number of other genera, but , sadly, either materials or time is missing at present to consider correctly or carefully these organizations, we have, yet , given summaries of this kind of general results as we have come to in these cases, the contributions becoming presented because abstracts of detailed. research we have in preparation or perhaps contempla- tion, or as accumulations of important basic conelusions when you use other staff. Such efforts will be found under Nomotettix, Neotettix, Tettigidea, Pardalophora, Hippiscus, Schistocerca, Melanoplus, and the Group Anaxiphites with particular reference to Anaxipha. The whole number of individuals from the region under consideration evaluated in the preparing of this daily news is 14, 402, which represents 251 kinds and geographic races, belonging to 100 overal.

Of these kinds nine are here described as new, yet a number of other fresh forms in the recently studied genera were based on materials compris- ent portions from the series in this article recorded. In the text on this paper fourty specific labels and that of 1 genus have been placed in the synonymy, the completeness of the present material, with the conse- quent sharper appreciation of specific variation and charaeter con- stancy, making the sinking of these names important. No synonymy has been established without many careful checkings of the proof. Of the specimens examined, several, 294, or about one-half, were accumulated by the authors, chiefly in July, Aug and September, 1911 and 1913. The other main sources of materials, with the quantity of specimens examined from every single, are as follows:

Assortment of W. Т. Davis 1, 071

Georgia State Collection 877

Assortment of A. G. Morse. 784

United States Nationwide Museum Collection 703

Cornell University Collection. 636

Heb&rd Collection (other than Rehn and Hebard collecting) 611

Academy of Natural Savoir of Phila. Collection

(other than Rehn and Hebard collecting) 211

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