Non farming activities in india Essay

Milk – This can be a common activity in many villages. People feed their buffalos on several types of grass as well as the jowar and bajra that grows during rainy time. Then the dairy is sold in nearby villages and towns. It is alos transported to far away towns and urban centers. A dairy […]

Impact of Human Activities on Natural Hazards Essay

Natural dangers are naturally occurring phenomena which may have disastrous effect on humanity. These phenomena had been in existence even before the creation of humanity. The hazardous sizing of these natural phenomena will be in the circumstance of the effect that these kinds of a happening would have in human population in the area troubled […]

Five key different functional activities Essay

Human Resources Human Resources will be responsible for employing brand new staff that the business need. However in buy for this to work, Human Resources need to know what kind of staff they need how many. HUMAN RESOURCES will also go through all the applying the applicants; this will happen so they can reduce a […]

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