Keeping Our School Clean Essay

The responsibility of keeping the school clean belongs to everyone not just the custodial staff. To make this easy we inspire for certain measures. Cleanliness of Grounds Students are wanted to use the number of garbage bins that are placed by the doorways and the baseball diamonds to deposit their papers or uneaten foodstuffs. This […]

How can we make India clean Essay

World peace has been developed through the endurance and persistence of several wonderful men during history. They have struggled and fought against the social evils and human being sufferings to be able to materialize the moral values that they take. Mahatma Gandhi is indisputably one of the most well known, influential males. Without the nonviolent […]

The Clean Ganga Campaign Essay

The Ganges may be the largest lake in India with an exceptional religious importance for Hindus. Along their banks are a few of the world’s oldest inhabited places just like Varanasi and Patna. It gives you water to about forty percent of India’s population in 11 declares, an estimated of 500 million people or even […]

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Clean India For A Green India Essay

‘When the last shrub is lower and the last fish murdered, the last lake poisoned, then you certainly will see that you can’t eat money. ‘ -John May well The CLEAN-India Programme India has a populace of over one billion dollars, of which nearly 300 million live in about 600 villages and urban centers. Unfortunately, […]