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The trade related investment measures agreement

The Trade-Related Investment Steps Agreement (TRIMS) which arrived to effect on January 1, 95 formed area of the Uruguay Rounded negotiations by the World Trade Organization (WTO).[1] The LIMITS Agreement is usually calculated to support and assist in the global boost of trade-related investments in admiration of cross-border transactions. The MINIMIZES Agreement units about confirming […]

Future Competitive Threats of China and India for Industries Essay

Discuss the future competitive risks of Cina and India for industries in designed countries. The emergence of China because the mass manufacturing pioneer in the world provides lead to the concern that China and tiawan will soon end up being competing with the industries in the developed nations around the world. India, concurrently, is rising […]

A Case of Digital Divide in Bangladesh Essay

Developed countries are getting much benefit from the progression of ICTs. There is digital divide between developed and developing countries. The term digital divide has become applied to the gap that exists for most countries between those with ready access to the equipment of ICTs, and those without such gain access to or abilities. In […]

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