Down hill


Article, Descriptive Alex Fulton Descriptive essay GSW 1110 “The rush” As the pressing noise from the not so regular ski-lift chimes away, We hold on firmly, looking straight down at the persons below. This kind of being my own first time performing anything around snow, I used to be very capable to be heading snowboarding. […]


“The Cyclist” beautifully constructed wording commentary “The Cyclist” is a poem simply by Louis MacNeice which romanticizes the short lived joys of childhood. These kinds of joys are emphasised through imagery of summer – be it actions, food, the beach, a bicycle ride, numerous techniques such as juxtaposition and enjambment are more comfortable with evoke […]

My thoughts from walking trip

Hiking Webpages: 3 Seated at my office watching Netflix, I notice a audio from Facebook . com. I switched tabs to find the notification. It had been my friend Ethan. He stated, “Can’t watch for this summer. Have you ever signed up for the camping trip yet? inches. I was sort of conflicted. I truly […]

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