Private investigator

The Scarlet Letter Argumentative Essay

Sherlock Holmes: Is a private investigator who solves mysteries. Watson: Is private investigator Sherlock Holmes partner. Helen Stoner: A woman who wants Sherlock Holmes to solves the mystery of her dual sister Julias death. Julia Stoner: Sue Stoners double sister whom mysteriously perished the night before her wedding day. Doctor Grimsby Roy Lott: Is definitely […]

The portrayal of marlowe in the big sleep

Movies Pages: 4 In The Big Rest, private investigator Philip Marlowe solves the puzzle created with a multi-layered, interrelated series of heinous crimes intended for his client, at fees of 25 dollars each day plus expenditures. Marlowe aims first and foremost to protects his client’s passions and fulfill his obligation even in the face of […]

Comparing and contrasting silver fire and little

Once one thinks of detective fiction reports images of crime, tough, hero investigator and villains enter someone’s mind. These types of images had been constantly changing over years, but they are not so different from the moment detective testimonies first began in 1828. The birth of detective reports came about in 1828 using a novel […]

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