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COUNTRY CONCERNS Culture, Interpersonal, and Demographics: When reviewing any company and their possible development into fresh markets you must first examine the culture, cultural, and market issues impacting foreign businesses. The Colombian culture has started to show a bias towards American items as recently as 98. As written in Jean Caspers New York Times article, […]

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Us, Addiction, Movies Colombia, Drug Trafficking, Drugs, Traffic Republic of colombia is one of the most significant Country in South America for 440, 831 square kilometers. Colombia is definitely the 17th risky country in the world, yet the mass media portrays this as a amazing country stuffed with beautiful seashores, national theme parks, museums and […]

Corruption in Colombia Essay

There has been a four-decade long conflict between government makes and anti-government groups, such as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC) who are financed by the medicine trade, features escalated through the years. Since regarding 2002 the violence offers decreased a slit quantity because of the lack of the army and popular support essential […]

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