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A. Qualifications

Tesla Motor, Inc. is an American firm that patterns, manufactures and sells electrical cars and electric vehicle power teach components. Tesla Motors is known as a public company that investments on the NASDAQ stock exchange within the symbol TSLA. Tesla begun in the year 2003 by Elon Musk, Matn Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning, JB Straubel, and Ian Wright. The hq of Tesla Motor situated in Palo Alto, California, UNITED STATES. Tesla provides served all over the world, such as United States, Canada, The japanese, Australia, Fresh Zealand.

Tesla Motors initially gained popular attention by producing the Tesla Roadster, the initial fully electric sports car. You’re able to send second vehicle was the Unit S, a fully electric extravagance sedan. Tesla also markets electric powertrains components, which include lithium-ion battery pack packs, to automakers, which includes Daimler and Toyota. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, has said he envisions Tesla as an independent automaker, aimed at ultimately offering electrical cars for a price inexpensive to the typical consumer.

W. Business Model

¢Bread and Dairy

One among Tesla’s business design strategies can be direct selling to customer; quite simply they production their own vehicle production, disperse it on their own and distributed by their personal people throughout the dealership and website.

¢Franchise Distribution Route

Since there are countless countries open to be permeated, however with limited resources franchising help Tesla to spread their item to other country. Swinging for the fences features the element that makes franchising more favourable.

C. Actions Strategies

¢Swinging for the Fences

Tesla innovative business approach targeting high end costumers, give attention to eco friendly niche area. They apply high risk organization, however generate high return.

¢Green Campaign

Tesla strongly promotes live green campaign to enhance people’s green environment intelligence.

¢Supercharge Network & Support Tools

In order to support Tesla car, Tesla Motor unit provide various Supercharge Network in every countries that Tesla car can be bought, such as 66 stations operating in the United States and 14 channels in Europe. Tesla designed its Unit S to allow fast battery swapping, which will battery replacing is one of the support tools. This kind of feature facilitated the assembly process. Tesla released their aim to deploy a electric battery swapping stop in each of its stations and can be swapped around a 90-second operation. Another support tool to get Tesla car is Supercharger system, the system to recharge free of charge in less time than it took to each lunch. By these two promoting features, it has increased Tesla market share.

¢Unusual pricing strategy

Tesla is usually applying a peculiar pricing approach in the country, refusing to charge more than the car’s U. T. price additionally import and sales taxes, and shipping costs”unlike a great many other automakers, who often put in a premium. Tesla offers the customers good value for money. One example is in Cina, Tesla vehicles were listed $121, 500 in China price tag, this will actually make the automobile a great deal plus more affordable than many conventionally-fueled rivals, most likely making China and tiawan one of Tesla’s biggest marketplaces.

D. Main factor in Functioning Tesla Motor unit

The real key factors in operating Tesla Motor happen to be:


Tesla must always innovate fresh type of car with new technology which are more advanced that the other brand. Fresh innovation is going to drive buyer to choose Tesla as their decision. In our thoughts and opinions, Tesla doesn’t have any direct competitors up to now. Tesla gives a smart answer for expensive users that wants a electric and eco-friendly vehicles, which is a very good positioning strategy in excellent timing.

¢Service area

Tesla have to expand their very own service place, such as shops, service stop, and supercharge network train station, which are deliberately positioning our store and gallery locations in excessive foot traffic, very visible retail spots, like malls and buying streets that folks regularly go to in a relativelyopen-minded buying disposition. By broadening in these three services area will enable Tesla to sell more cars in more places and countries.


Tesla produce fresh type of car with affordable price yet that still in high end customer category. As an example the class since same level as THE CAR, Mercedes Benz, Audi, etc . By minimizing the price to certain level could encourage people to get Tesla car in low cost.

¢Perfect Time

Tesla is certainly not the head of electric car. The technology has already been with us since late 1950s, but as a result of factor associated with the timing, the company had to cease it is operation. The factors require timing such as, low olive oil price, materials of essential oil, global warming, people awareness regarding eco friendly or green environment.

Differentiation Approach of Tesla

Product sales & Advertising

Tesla make use of swinging by fences approach, which put into action high risk organization, however generate high come back. First, all of us target the high end consumer by making high class product. We develop the product additionally level because Maserati, Porsche, etc . We must make an substantial brand picture for the brand, especially the Tesla brand remains new to the car industry. Telsa has this kind of different element from other car nowadays, Tesla operated simply by battery or perhaps we could say Tesla create electric car. After we got quite some earnings to increase our market, we can target new segmentation of customer, which will lower than these explanation. All of us produce a item with range of prices from US$ 50, 000 ” US$ 75, 000, which has reduced class than Maserati and Porshe. We all use this online marketing strategy to goal new array of customer, that the purpose is always to increase Tesla revenue. The next step after the suceed of second strategy, we all will try to generate more affordable type of electric car to enhance our concentrate on customer by providing all kind type of car from sport car, high-class car, VEHICLE, sedan, and so forth, however nonetheless focus on electric powered car.

The next marketing strategy for Tesla through doing green campaign and endorseenvironmental concern event, which can be the main picture of Tesla simply by producing electric power car to get better place for living on earth. We now have idea to provide green location as many as fácil, more trees, more playground, more fresh air to the world, reduce global warming, etc . Another idea should be to build eco friendly office of Tesla, by using eco friendly enviroment material, use more solar power system, etc .

Customer Service

In in respect the increase with the sales of Tesla, all of us will provide better and better service to custome. We build supercharging network specially pertaining to Tesla company in all around the world. By providing numoreous number of these types of networks is going to facilitate the customer need, buyer do not need to be afraid if the car could not drive in long kilometers due to the number of supercharging network which increase in more spots.

We provide more tools to support our product, for example battery swapping and super asking system. All of us also will wide open more flagship store in all over the world in addition to grab even more market place, besides it we as well open services station to help customer to service each of our product.

By simply improving each of our service field from the turbo charge network, support product tools, service train station, store, and so on, will guard the existency of Tesla Motor Inc. We are confident that over the following years electric car can become larger and larger and among new indusrty that has big potential. Simply by growing a lot number of raise network in every over the world is likely to make Tesla constantly ahead compared to the competitor, which will also one among our online strategy to monopolize the market of supercharge network. When competitor strat to begin with their network, Tesla previously taking maintain well in the electric car industry.


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