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We usually heard that learning the English is actually a lifelong Quest, it seems that English language become the life, almost all of Hong Kong pupil have a much better result about English instead of Chinese. That bring out a problem about could it be a right decision that we to regard The english language as important. A focus will probably be placed on the value on The english language, the demand of using The english language and the advice on the terminology policy.

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The parents, teachers plus the politicians believe that English is important as the English position in the world is definitely higher than different language. Pertaining to the parents, that they hope heir son or daughter can easily study as the English-medium secondary institution rather than the Chinese-medium school, they will believes largely study may increase the opportunity of sign up to the university and let their children go oversea for further study. For the teachers, many teaching materials are originate from foreign region, so consider that use the English pertaining to teaching goal can have a better education quality.

For the politicians, always be the part of global, the presidential candidate needs to communicate and interact personally with other region to formulate the international policy, thus they select the English electronic the common vocabulary for connection. English turn into important terminology is mainly possess two factors. English features appeared while the world’s unofficial intercontinental language.

According to the data of Ethnologic, The english language is listed while the official or co- standard language of over forty five countries (including Hong Kong) and is spoken extensively in other countries where it has no official status. The second reason is The english language is the vocabulary of science, aviation, organization, diplomacy, and tourism. Many business bargains in Hk are executed in The english language.

60% coming from all scientific papers nd Magazines are crafted in English language. Over 70% of all mail is crafted and dealt with in English language. Most foreign tourism, modern aviation and diplomacy is mainly conducted in The english language. I remember presently there have an model in the address Chinese plot have poor English and cannot speak with the USA story.

Since Uk and America have got a well development on the academic, likewise the United States is among the most important country on the military and different international and their official language can be English, so it makes The english language become significant. Undoubtedly, the status of English are always in a higher level, for my personal experience, when I get further more study in the university, English language become the most frequently language I take advantage of, all the lesson I take was teaching in English language, all the information I discovered or the diary are also crafted in The english language, it appear that my own academic are cannot live without British. Learning English are also can increase our competiveness in global. Therefore , I agree that the imagine of father or mother, teachers as well as the politicians. the key of british in hk By vangie_shek

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