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In culture and every history, there is an existing protagonist that will go to wonderful lengths to pursue their goal. Particularly, I myself and a single character, Victor Frankenstein via Frankenstein simply by Mary Shelley, clearly demonstrate our readiness to go to the two extremes to eradicate and overcome challenges. Though both Victor Frankenstein and I show numerous forms of dedication, it is evident that my own ability to persevere and deal with problems in order to obtain the things i desire exceeds and causes much less destruction than Victors not enough ability to do so. An investigation in the actions represented will reveal that Victor and I are very different from a single another, and through aspirations and the shaping of our future, it is evident that there are various similarities we all share that determine either great failure or success within our lives.

It is necessary to control their ambition, or desires and wishes, to avoid them from becoming deeply afflicted by this or allowing it to take control of their particular life. To start, both Victor and I are incredibly eager and determined in order to complete what we start and do well. In the new, Victor attends a university or college called Ingolstadt where his professors totally discredit his love for alchemy to Victors dismay. Victor research all through high school only to get to college wherever his professors tell him that his expertise and philosophy are all wrong. Despite the discouragement by his professors, Victor’s ambition forces him to pursue his dreams and desires.

Furthermore, Victor’s shows his ability to recover from setbacks rather than letting go of after the monster kills his family. In the same way, I have experienced many difficulties and road blocks during secondary school and with determination and may power practically nothing stopped me from achieving success. I was an eager student who is determined to get good signifies in school. Nevertheless , for example , I managed to get very discouraged when I received bad marks in advanced functions irrespective of working extremely hard and arriving for extra support during lunch time, but with willpower, I reacted positively to the failure and adversity that prevailed. Furthermore, procrastination triggers both Victor and I to avoid taking care of our problems. After Victor makes the animal and denies his ask for a female associate, it is very clear that his ambition contributes to procrastination which prolongs his journey steering clear of his dedication and deadline to the beast. Victor works from his problems and travels along with his friends to distract himself from his obligation towards the creature and its particular entire existence when he says, “I averted explanation and maintained a continuous silence regarding the wretch I created” (Shelley 177). This could shows Victor’s lack of responsibility as he makes this beast and does not take ownership of him as he chronically prevents its wishes and purposely looks for interruptions.

Also, my desire takes charge of me and i also do not await opportunities. We seek them out or create these people for me personally and this potential clients me to struggle with prokrastination. Procrastination really influences the way I feel the next day as every one of the stress merely piles on me simultaneously. It ultimately results in me personally going to bed overdue and needing to wake up early on to do my homework, assignments, or assessments I should did the night before.

Finally, both Frankenstein and i also learn about determination. Moving in the ideal direction which has a positive attitude and determination pushes all of us closer to reaching our goals. After becoming overcome with ambition and creating a horrific creature, Victor loses a lot of his family. He would like to die himself as he simply cannot handle every one of the grief and believes it is easier to forget why using the his quest in the first place, yet , he discovers quickly that giving up will not likely solve nearly anything. Victor declares his feelings towards living: “I worked out my screwing up limbs after the sandy plain and prayed to get death. Nevertheless revenge retained me in, I dared not die and leave my adversary in being” (Shelley 192). Victor desires for fatality but then remembers that he or she must avenge his lost types and prohibits the creature to prevail. Thus, Victor goes following your creature to avenge the murder of his family. Correspondingly, ambition gets the best of me sometimes where this causes me personally to have not any clarity, simply a whirlwind of negative thoughts, paired with the perpetual fear of getting average.

Nonetheless, I actually stayed perseverance as discovered and noticed from mother and father. My mom has taught me personally to never give up on who We am and who I would like to become regardless of how hard I actually struggle. Obviously, ambition can help one further along in life or cause that you get lost inside their obsession while using fear of failure. All in all, it is rather evident that both Victor and I discuss many of the same successes and problems as a result of ambition.

Destiny may be easily controlled by making deliberate, conscious decisions rather than just being unaggressive bystanders in one’s individual life. To begin with, individuals are often bound to stay in society that causes them to thoughtlessly rush in things prior to thinking it over. In the book Frankenstein, Victor is pressured to go further than normal biology and hormone balance and constructs a very dangerous creature who he quickly regrets creating when he says, “I was the cause of thisI murdered her. William, Justine, Henrythey most died during my hands” (Shelley 176). This kind of demonstrates Victor’s irrational decision that as a result alters Victor’s life for the worse as he are not able to escape the beast that hunts him. This likewise shows that this individual feels accountable for the fatality of his brother, William, close friends and family friend, Justine, and best friend, Henry Clerval.

In addition , Frankenstein wishes to get rid of the life this individual so “thoughtlessly bestowed” (Shelley 88) upon him. More over, I always consider my alternative by assessing the pros and cons of my decision before acting upon it. Resolving complications in such a way lets me understand the outcomes of my personal actions and to help make it peace with these consequences. For example , within my previous years in senior high school, I have joined parties and asked me numerous queries in advance. Consideration helped me to know whether I should attend the party or perhaps not.

Consequently, pondering through points helps present me together with the knowledge I need to make an educated decision and doing this provides ultimately lead me on the right path in life. In addition, power can be described as valuable asset to certain individuals. It provides them with a sense of security because they are in control and have authority most importantly people.

To start with, Frankenstein abuses his knowledge and undoubtedly uses it to get the wrong causes. His electricity is new to do great for society or his relatives and buddies, as he merely uses that for his own benefit when he says, “A fresh species could bless me personally as its originator and resource, many happy and good natures could owe their particular being to me” (Shelley 52). While shown through this quote, Victor creates a human being to have a exclusive achievement through knowledge. Nevertheless, his poor decision prospects him to do something irrational and abandon the creature who also becomes incredibly violent.

The eliminating of Victor’s loved ones leads to the creature’s evil and power prevailing superior. In comparison, being well-liked is a quite powerful point to most teens in secondary school, however , it is not necessarily a big deal in my experience as I do not desire to be on top or care about being popular. I prefer to pay attention to my own items and enjoy existence with the friends I have grown closer than ever to over the past few years. I have experienced so many amazing experiences with them which i will value for life and remember. I want to be appreciated for being exactly who I i am and I think which will always be enough. Furthermore, it is essential for each of our personal development to comprehend how other people experience the universe. Vicor offers little empathy as he would not feel bad for immediately rejecting the beast as soon as he can created. Frankenstein’s first feeling is disgust, since the genuine, breathing, going monster is really much different in the idealized creation of Frankenstein’s dreams. Accordingly, the animal is deprived of the capacity to feel love and the perception of belonging. Frankenstein states directly his thoughts on the creature’s existence when he says, “Cursed always be the day, abhorred devil, in which you first observed lightBegone! Ease me in the sight of the tetested form” (Shelley 97). Victor dismisses the creature’s feelings also because he does not have any empathy and understand the creature’s experiences and perspectives, his life takes a turn to get the even worse. The creature’s feelings are not considered as Victor does not show careful thought or very good judgment and this results in Victor’s downfall as well as the lives of his family at stake.

On the other hand, I fortunately have the ability to share and understand the feelings of others. For example, when a friend i have lost her mother, when i may not taking a parent, My spouse and i still empathized as I realized what it could be like to reduce a parent. I actually imagined the cruel reality of not ever to be able to see, confer with, or go through the love and support of someone who has performed such a serious role in one’s lifestyle. So I may imagine what might be want to lose my own parent even though I have by no means had using the experience. It is crucial to understand that the choices anytime and the feelings and wants one grows may cause their imminent problem or sucess. Although both equally Victor and I shape our own destiny, Victor’s decision to take the wrong course of action negatively influences him eventually.

General, an examination of ambition and the shaping of your destiny shows that Frankenstein is more affected by his decisions due to his inability to recognize his over ambitiousness plus the negative lives that awaits him. In both Frankenstein and my entire life, Victor and i also dedicate our lives to what keeps meaning to us yet Victor puts up with a tremendous drop, brought about by his adverse judgments. It is apparent that my own great achievement in life surpasses Victors inability and his not enough consideration and aspirations business lead him towards the point of no returning. Evidently, the time will come when you have to appear closely at the decisions they earn and the effects those decisions will have upon others.

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