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Traditional western Culture

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Subculture, Western Civilization, Political Lifestyle, Colonization

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African tradition and the Western influence

Just about every community experience it peculiar traditions and rules that identify it and sets that apart from the leftover cultures. There are native cultures that the Africans were comfortable with and loved them as their noble life style. However , generally there came the intrusion from the Western culture from Europe that grossly interfered while using African tradition is a number of aspects. There was a massive “decentering” of civilizations among the Africans and the effects of these mass “decentering” will be felt as of yet in incredibly significant techniques.

The ‘decentering’ of the tradition and the ethnical ways among the Africans was a peculiar one out of the entire world, this is because Africa as a continent was ambushed by European power that were at that time and sub-divided it and shared it out among themselves in the form of colonies. The scramble was thus intense that some Western european powers visited war with each other trying to get some Africa inside the mid to late nineteenth century.

Bearing the fact that there were various powers via Europe who also came into Africa, it resulted in diverse and divergent nationalities descended upon Africa as well. There was launch of cultures that were upheld by the British, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Belgium and Spanish backgrounds (Ehiedu Elizabeth. G. Iweriebor, 2011). This was quite a variegated cultural invasion that befell Africa.

This was the length when there was a lot of industrialization occurring in European countries and due to the industrial wave that shown a great with regard to raw materials, the European powers therefore chose to venture in Africa for the raw materials. As they explored and exploited the raw materials from Africa, that they consequently propagate their culture and lifestyle as well as the associated with industrialization that was going on back at home.

One of the most central areas of the attack of the Traditional western culture was your disruption of the family systems in The african continent. The African family tradition was organized around a long family and close ties generally. With the introduction of the western lifestyle, the relationships started to be selective and people continually decreased the prolonged family relationships as everybody turned to home for everything. The subsistence farming that was greatly maintained the communal lifestyle acquired eroded by modernization in this industrialization period as many persons in the urban areas concentrated in working in companies hence setting up a lot of pressure on the foodstuff produced at the villages (Kua Jonathan, 2010). This was possibly the biggest ‘decentering’ of lifestyle that Africa suffered during this period of time.

Education system likewise became even more westernized from this century where academics were more keen towards science and technological discoveries. This saw a switch from religious studies that dealt with theology, to scientific questioning with the religious standpoints. Education system became more and more inclined towards west wherever emphasis on empiricism engulfed every one of the spheres of education and logical arguments and philosophies were given more priority over the religious values.

Westernization likewise brought about secularization, where there was a radical change from superstition to technology. Anything which range from the weather towards the worst problems to epidemics was no for a longer time explained by method to God/deities nevertheless through technology. God and religion continuously became your own matter in this century and individualism fast replaced the communal positioning. People started doing the fact that was in their welfare and not the eye of the community. These huge transitions that caused instability in the interpersonal system can be seen in the poems of Baudelaire who was a poet only at that transitional time that baffled many. He

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