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Wiki (/ˈwɪki/ ( listen) WIK-ee) is a web page on which users collaboratively modify content and structure straight from the web web browser. In a typical wiki, textual content is written using a simplified markup vocabulary and often modified with the help of a rich-text manager. [1]A wiki is work using wiki software, normally known as a wiki engine. A wiki engine is a sort of content management system, nonetheless it differs from most other this sort of systems, which includes blog application, in that this article is created without any defined owner or leader, and wikis have tiny implicit composition, allowing composition to come up according to the demands of the users. [2] You will discover dozens of distinct wiki search engines in use, the two standalone and part of additional software, such as bug tracking systems. Several wiki motors are free, whereas other folks are private. Some allow control over several functions (levels of access), for example , enhancing rights may possibly permit changing, adding or perhaps removing materials.

Others may possibly permit access without enforcing access control. Other rules may be made to organize content. The online encyclopedia project Wikipedia is by far the most famous wiki-based internet site, and is probably the most widely looked at sites of any kind on the globe, having been positioned in the top since 2007. [3] Wikipedia is not really a single wiki but rather a collection of hundreds of wikis, one for every single language. There are tens of thousands of various other wikis being used, both public and private, including wikis performing as know-how management methods, notetaking equipment, community websites and intranets. The English-language Wikipedia has got the largest assortment of articles, as of September 2016, it had more than five million articles. Keep Cunningham, the developer in the first wiki software, WikiWikiWeb, originally explained it because the simplest online database that can possibly work. [4] Wiki (pronounced [ˈwiki][note 1]) is a Hawaiian word that means quick.


This section needs additional citations for confirmation. Please help to improve this article with the addition of citations to reliable resources. Unsourced materials may be questioned and taken out. (March 2017) (Learn how and when to get rid of this theme message)Ward Cunningham, inventor of the wikiWard Cunningham and co-author Bo Leuf, in their publication The Wiki Way: Speedy Collaboration on the internet, described the essence with the Wiki strategy as follows:[8]A wiki invites most users—not just experts—to change any web page or to produce new web pages within the wiki Web site, only using a standard plain-vanilla Web browser without any extra add-ons. Wiki promotes meaningful subject associations among different webpages by making page link creation intuitively easy and showing if an planned target site exists or perhaps not. A wiki is usually not a thoroughly crafted internet site created by experts and professional authors, and designed for casual tourists. Instead, that seeks to involve the typical visitor/user in an ongoing means of creation and collaboration that constantly improvements the website panorama.

A wiki enables communities of publishers and members to write paperwork collaboratively. Everything that people require to lead is a computer system, Internetaccess, a web browser and a basic comprehension of a simple markup language (e. g., HTML). A single page in a wiki website is called a wiki page, while the entire number of pages, which can be usually well-interconnected by hyperlinks, is the wiki. A wiki is essentially a database for producing, browsing, and searching through information. A wiki permits non-linear, innovating, complex and networked text message, while likewise allowing for manager argument, debate and conversation regarding the articles and format.

A determining characteristic of wiki technology is the convenience with which web pages can be made and up to date. Generally, there is absolutely no review by a moderator or gatekeeper just before modifications happen to be accepted and thus lead to improvements on the website. A large number of wikis will be open to alteration by the public without requiring sign up of customer accounts. Many edits can be made in current and appear almost instantly online. Nevertheless , this feature facilitates mistreatment of the system. Private wiki servers require user authentication to edit pages, and sometimes even to read all of them. Maged D. Kamel Boulos, Cito Maramba and Charlie Wheeler publish that the wide open wikis produce a process of Interpersonal Darwinism. Unfit sentences and sections happen to be ruthlessly culled, edited and replaced if they happen to be not considered fit, which will hopefully leads to the evolution of a higher quality and more relevant page. When such openness may invite vandalism plus the posting of untrue info, this same openness also means that we can rapidly right or regain a quality wiki page.

EditingFor the project page about editing Wikitext on Wikipedia, see Support: Wikitext. WikitextCheatsheetAll WikitextMagic linksVisual filesSound filesTablesUsing templatesUsing CODE codes within WikitextvteSome wikis have an Edit button or perhaps link on the web page being looked at, if the consumer has permission to modify the web page. This can result in a textbased editing site where participants can composition and format wiki internet pages with a basic markup dialect, sometimes generally known as Wikitext, Wiki markup or perhaps Wikicode (it can also bring about a WYSIWYG editing site, see the section after the desk below). For example , starting lines of textual content with asterisks could create a bulleted list. The style and syntax of wikitexts may vary greatly amongst wiki implementations,[example needed] many of which also allow HTML tags. Wikis include favoured plain-text editing, with fewer and simpler conferences than HTML, for indicating style and structure. Even though limiting access to HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) of wikis limits user ability to customize structure and formatting of wiki content, there are some rewards. Limited access to CSS promotes consistency in the look and feel, and having JavaScript disabled inhibits a user from implementing code that may limit other users gain access to.

MediaWiki format (the concealed from the public view code used to add formatting to text)Equivalent HTML (another type of behind the scenes code used to add format to text)Rendered output (seen onscreen by a regular internet user)Take extra [[tea]], the March Hare thought to Alice, very earnestly. I have had nothing yet, Alice replied in an offended sculpt, so I cant take even more. You suggest you can’t take much less? said the Hatter. Their very easy to consider more than nothing at all. Take more tea, the March What said to Alice, very seriously. Ive got yet, Alice replied in an offended tone, so I cannot take more. You indicate you cant take? stated the Mad hatter. Its super easy to take than nothing. Consider some more tea, the March Hare believed to Alice, extremely earnestly. I have had absolutely nothing yet, Alice replied in an offended develop, so I cant take more. You imply you cant take much less? said the Hatter.

The very easy to consider more than absolutely nothing. Wikis may also make WYSIWYG editing accessible to users, generally by means of JavaScript control that translates graphically entered formatting instructions in the corresponding HTML CODE tags or perhaps wikitext. In those implementations, the markup of a recently edited, marked-up version of the page is generated and submitted for the server transparently, shielding the user from this technical detail. Among the this is the VisualEditor on Wikipedia.

However , WYSIWYG controls usually do not always provide all of the features available in wikitext, and some users prefer not to use a WYSIWYG editor. Hence, many of these sites offer some means to modify the wikitext directly.

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