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Environment problems

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The technology of desalination for environmentally friendly water can be well established. Since desalination is definitely energy incentive, high expense of capital and cost of fuel are major factors. The rising and falling prices of crude oil will cause the functioning costs of desalination to vary significantly. The depletion of fossil fuels causes increased applying the alternative energy resources. Solar power systems and heat pushes are two promising method of reducing the intake of fossil strength resources (coal, petroleum, and so forth ) and cost of delivered energy intended for residential work with. As solar energy is a clean energy source, it is receiving increased attention pertaining to the various software using different techniques in look at of global strength needs and concern to get environmental degradation. An intelligent file format is to use refrigerant- filled sun collectors to replace the standard air-source evaporator within a heat pump system, which is called direct-expansion warmth pump (DX-SAHP) system. An advantage from the high temperature pump viewpoint is that the collector/evaporator can operate at a temperature higher than ambient due to solar heat, which increases the heat pump COP.


The goal of this research proposal should be to analyze possibly a temperature pump in desalination technology lies using its capabilities of reducing intake of expensive electric power and recovering waste temperature. It also investigates to find the a result of flashing and feed temperature of the water on the performance of the program.

Strategy The following strategies were used to accomplish the proposed duties [1]. Utilizing a single-effect solar helped heat pump desalination system. Experimental studies were executed for DX-SAHP desalination program under several operating conditions:

  • The air compressor speed (1200, 1450 and 1800 rpm)
  • The feed temperature several. The effect of flashing Research the long lasting performance in the multi-functional DX-SAHP system in various seasons.
  • Assess the data by simply scanning and recording the parameters five minutes each in an automatic check out.

  • Energy consumed by the compressor
  • Temperatures of both water and refrigerant in different locations of the two loops, the absorber platter, the water in thermal safe-keeping tank, interior and outdoor air
  • Flowrate of the water loop
  • Insolation incident on the collector/evaporator
  • Pressures of refrigerant at inlets and shops of compressor, evaporator, and condenser.
  • Presentation of Findings The findings such as following data conducted during the first 50 percent year of 2004 [2]:

    • Result of the experimental research 1 . The effect of pulsating 2 . Efficiency ratio three or more. Coefficient of performance (COP) 4. Sun collector performance
    • Obstacles that have been faced once cold strength stored throughout the nighttime
    • Solution to overcome the obstacles.

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