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Durability, Social Durability, Environmental Durability, Online Shopping

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As the organization attempts to sell cheap and high-priced brands a perfect identity will not be apparent and disillusion a large number of customers that don’t know what to anticipate. As mentioned before, the retail industry is usually squarely against sustainable techniques and this in itself is a blaring weakness which needs to be addressed in case the company desires to be successful inside the long-term.


Another step in a price tag SWOT analysis is discovering key opportunities in the market.

In this instance, the demand pertaining to sustainable practices are at the increase. If Woolworths can for some reason master this kind of transition, the chance for dominance, superiority within this industry is possible. Launching new systems that encourage sustainable techniques will surely help in exploiting several opportunities.


The internet and wireless shopping has provided many new dangers to the price tag industry. This threat is far more serious mainly because online shopping seems to be more lasting than going for a car to be able to the store to make the purchase. Woolworths must emphasis the importance of shopping face-to-face and making this practice in some way more environmentally friendly. Another threat to Woolworths includes the general economic condition of the country plus the world. Shaky currency markets threatens not only the local economy nevertheless also most of Woolworths’ suppliers that are likewise trying to generate their organization more lasting.


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