Creative Resume: When You Need to Make One?

Getting a job may not be easy, and everything starts with preparing a good resume. It’s a quite short document that should not exceed two pages (one page preferred), but how to make it eye-catching?

A potential employer will likely have a bunch of resumes on the table, and each applicant wants to make sure that his or her paper will attract attention. Of course, if you’re perfectly suitable for a job position, which means that you have enough experience, a good level of education, required skills, the chances of getting a job offer increase, but what to do if you’re about to apply for the first job or want to try yourself in a completely different field?

In this case, many people decide that they should make their resume interesting in a different way, so they experiment with its design. Also, there are job positions, where creativity is not only desired, but required, such as a designer, and in this case, recruiters will likely appreciate a creative CV. So, do you really know how to make such a resume?

What Resume Is Considered Creative?

First of all, let’s figure out what resumes are considered creative. It’s a nonstandard paper that may include infographics, various design elements, videos, etc., so basically, everything, which goes beyond a standard piece of writing.

A creative paper will also contain the following traditional fields:

  • Contact details;
  • Education;
  • Work experience;
  • Skills, etc.

In essence, it should include important information, but thanks to adding colors, objects, etc., the reader can get an idea of your personality, creativity, and style.

When to be Creative?

Making a creative document to apply for a job is not always needed; moreover, in some cases, it may be even inappropriate. For instance, you do not need to do this if you’re about to apply for a serious position in a university or hospital. In this case, experience, education, and achievements are what a recruiter needs to go through without being distracted by unnecessary design elements.

Generally, such resumes should be considered by those applying for a job requiring design or interactive skills. However, keep in mind that it’s better to write a great standard resume than send a poor creative one. If a CV features lots of design and interactive elements, plenty of colors, and an inconvenient layout, it will be difficult for the reader to get to the point. In this case, you may never get the desired call back.

How to Make an Eye-Catching CV?

Before starting making a beautiful design of a paper, figure out how to deliver the right information in a brief and clear way. Remember that you do not want to waste the reader’s time, trying to hide the lack of experience under the abundance of lines, blocks, and colors. Visualization aims at facilitating getting to the point, not at distracting.

At the first stage, you’ll create a draft with all the information relevant to the job. While you should add the standard fields, you can also make separate sections with your skills and traits required for the job. Then edit and proofread your writing to make sure that it’s logical, consistent, clear, and has no grammar mistakes.

When creating a design of your work, check out templates available on the Internet, and try to make something unique; however, avoid using annoying and overwhelming designs.


You do not want to annoy a potential employer with an attention-grabbing resume that does not have important information provided in a concise way. Choose creative documents when you’re about to apply for a job position requiring design skills. In this case, your potential employer will likely want to go through your portfolio to check your previous works, and the creative paper will become an example right away.

However, it’s not only important to make a resume in a creative way, but also make sure that it’s a beautiful, well-structured paper that contains important information in a concise manner. Remember that such resumes aren’t always appropriate, so sticking to a standard format when you have doubts is the best choice.