Moneyback Guarantee

When it comes to providing you with sub-standard work, we have put in place a full money-back guarantee in which you will be refunded for any issue that falls under the realms of our responsibility rather than yours. We offer a limited right to you to request the return of money paid in such circumstances. To successfully obtain a refund, you must observe the below examples whereby it would be issued:

Any refund of money regardless of whether full or partial must be returned to the source of payment as provided upon purchase. In cases of double payment, you must immediately report the mistake to our dedicated 24-hour support team. A full refund can be offered whereby we failed to allocate a writer to your assignment. You can request a refund before us finding a writer, however, if we feel we have been able to adequately source a writer for your work, we will automatically initiate a refund ourselves. In instances where the deadline you have provided us with has been missed, and you no longer require the work, we will issue a refund on the basis that the supplied work no longer belongs to you and is returned to the possession of the company to be used as desired by them and them alone. This includes any materials that have been supplied to you during our interactions.

In the following cases, you can request a partial refund:

If less than half the time from the point of order to the deadline has passed, you can request money back. When this happens, the writer must be compensated for the work they have completed which is why your entitlement is reduced. If this is the case, you can obtain up to 70% of the money back.If more than half of the time from the point of order to the deadline has passed, you can request some money back. Similarly to the above, the writer must be compensated for work completed, so you can request up to 50% of your money back.

Much like in the above cases, you forfeit at this point any rights to the material you have accessed up until this point. This belongs in its entirety to the company. From the moment you cancel your order, you no longer possess the Intellectual and Property Rights you have previously acquired when ordering.

If you have sent the work for revision, you are at that point agreeing that the bulk of the work matches your original instructions and therefore any adjustments at that point are viewed to be minor. When your work is in the process of being revised, you cannot request a full or partial refund at all.

The following are instances in which a refund may not be applied:

Cases where the customer has not met the outlined terms and conditions. Instances where the initial customer demands have been met accordingly and appropriately according to the Quality Insurance Team. Whereby additional discounts and offers have been used such as TOP Writer, Abstract, VIP Service and Plagiarism Report. Cases where you have approved the material.Problem-solving assignments and multi-choice work.Question assignments.

At any point where you have used answers given by the writer, we consider that to be your approval of the work and therefore, you cannot claim a refund. If, however, the writer scores less than half of the answers correctly, you are entitled to a partial refund which will be determined by the designated Customer Experience Manager.