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Cause and effect essay topics

Essay Topics:
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What is cause and effect?

Cause and effect essays examine the reasons why event or a circumstance occurs. By way of example, why is it that people tend to
overeat? This question requires you to think of causes or reasons of overeating, and on the other hand, this issue what occurs as
a result of overeating concentrates on the consequences or effects of overeating.

cause and effects

Best topics

  • consequences of Pollution
  • The Changes in the Ocean
  • The Civil Rights Movement and the Effects
  • Causes and Effects of the Annals of Food Restaurants
  • Internet Impact on kids
  • The prevalence of Sports in the US
  • consequences of skilled game on children
  • Alcohol and nervous system
  • Domestic violence
  • Growing up with one parent
  • Effect of college bullying on kids
  • Putin politics contrary to the neighboring countries
  • Music impacts on the human body
  • Relationship at a young age
  • What causes many women to repeatedly get involved in destructive associations
  • Earthquakes and potential dangers they attract
  • Social media impact on young individuals
  • Growing up in poverty
  • Stress impact on wellbeing
  • Impact of drug use within the human body
  • The effect of my favorite movie/book on me
  • How the war from Syria impacts the US
  • What effect smoking has a pregnant girl
  • Telling lies. The reason and impact
  • The causes of divorces
  • What is the effects of genetically engineered food
  • What causes a tsunami
  • What causes racism
  • How globalization affects the market
  • What was your origin of selecting your own major/your faculty
  • The effects of credit civilization
  • Which are the causes and effects of terrorism
  • Why is an individual be a fantastic teacher/mother/doctor/artist
  • Which are the consequences of homeschooling
  • Exactly what causes heart problems
  • What triggered WWII
  • Effects of internet dating
  • Uber affect on your taxi drivers
  • How joyful relationships affect someone
  • How traveling the planet affects life and personality

For faculty

  • The way non-profit organizations affect nearby communities
  • Poor quality of water and its function in the healthcare sector
  • More baby boomers reach the retirement agedue to their own actions
  • Individuals with disabilities: causes & consequences of being unable to discover a job
  • Inadequate sanitation in our society
  • The way mobile devices affect the evolution of business entities
  • The correlation between playing violent video games and behaviour
  • The effects of severe birth control for society
  • Causes of obesity among US teens
  • Items which make young women suffer from Anorexia Nervosa

Cause and effect essay topics for middle school

  • Growing up with food insecurity: dangers to children’s lives
  • Ongoing discrimination/racism in schools
  • Sexism’s role in modern society
  • How to lose/gain popularity in school?
  • What is the effect of the charter schools on the educational program?
  • Do”Pretty Little Liars” have a wonderful effect on contemporary pupils?
  • Consequences parents of children with ADHD face if they ship them to regular public colleges
  • Remote education has certain viewpoints for the future
  • Gender education: its own advantages & disadvantages depending on the effects
  • Parent involvement in a child’s education: causes & consequences

Emotional health

  • What causes individuals to have eating disorders?
  • Why is it that people find ASMR (autonomous sensory emission reaction )YouTube videos comforting?
  • Does what we consume induce us to have better or worse mental wellbeing?
  • What is causing the rise of non-drug cure for pain?
  • What is causing the expanding demand for sports psychologists?
  • Does the microbiome cause changes in our emotional health or depression?
  • What is inducing faculty students to feel greater anxiety?
  • What causes someone to feel miserable?
  • What’s the effect on our mental wellbeing of spending time in nature?
  • How can depression and stress influence our artistic senses?
  • What impact might brain stimulation have to suppressing mental disease?
  • What causes autism spectrum disorders?
  • What causes the international suicide rate to be person every 40 minutes?
  • What causes contact animals to be helpful for those who have mental illness?
  • What causes so many comedians to have issues with depression?
  • What causes people to determine autism as a mental illness?
  • What is the effect of divorce on kids? Does the age of the child make a difference?
  • How can the divorce of parents impact the dating and marriage connections of their kids?
  • What’s the effect of long distance on relationships?
  • How does living together prior to being married affect a relationship?
  • What causes men to be terrified of commitment?
  • What causes many women to repeatedly get involved in destructive relationships?
  • What effect does having a abortion need on a dating relationship?
  • What causes children to fight against their parents?
  • What effect has social networking had on family relationships?
  • What causes sibling rivalry?
  • What impact does birth order have about personality (or profession )?
  • What impact does a happy and fulfilling marriage have on a person’s health?
  • Does likely to school cause individuals to have better marriages?
  • What is the effect of grandparents raising a child?
  • What causes teens to become sexually active?
  • Just how does a girl’s relationship with her dad change her relationship with different men?
  • What is the consequence of growing up at a single-parent household?
  • What is the consequence of being a twin?
  • What the result has China’s one child had on family relationships? How can the new two child policy change family dynamics?
  • Which will be the effects on children when their parents are extremely wealthy or very famous?
  • What induces parents to over-schedule their children’s actions? (Or what’s the impact of over-scheduling on the child?)
  • What causes a family to have intimate relationships?
  • What’s the impact of family vacations on household relationships?
  • Native language impacts how that people learn foreign languages.
  • Learning Chinese improves memory and cognitive capacity.
  • Copying someone’s homework causes a lack of confidence.
  • The selection of college affects a person’s skills and traits.
  • Truth reveals influence the behaviors of the own audiences.
  • Skinny units are to blame for major bulimia and anorexia incidences.
  • Advertising influences brand picture.
  • Throw-away culture causes the growth of waste.
  • The one-child-per-family policy in China affects family relations.
  • What causes poverty in the U.S.?
  • Which are the effects of growing up in poverty?
  • What impact will growing up with food insecurity have on children?
  • What’s caused the increase in global adoption in Western countries?
  • What is the impact on kids (or adults) of seeing news stories of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, sexual predators, and
    other fearful circumstances?
  • What impact do charitable organizations (perhaps choose a particular individual ) have on societal issues?
  • What’s the consequence of baby boomers reaching retirement age?
  • What is the reason for guys still out-earning women in salary? What’s the result?
  • What is the impact of religious oppression on a society (perhaps select a particular country or religion)?
  • Which are the causes of poor water quality for many around the world?
  • What is the impact of people not having shoes to use?
  • What are the ramifications of inadequate sanitation on a community?
  • What causes people with disabilities to be unable to get jobs?
  • What is the effect on children of growing up in poverty?
Emotional health


  • What’s led to the dramatic increase in overweight and obese adults from the U.S. at the previous ten years?
  • What are the effects of the increase in obesity about the healthcare system?
  • The causes of the rising number of children affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorder?
  • What effect does the absence of adequate health insurance have to a person’s health?
  • What causes people not to visit the doctor when they have medical issues?
  • What effect doesn’t finishing a prescription drug have on potential wellbeing?
  • What’s the reason (or the consequence ) of individuals not getting their children vaccinated?
  • The Causes of the spread of HIV/AIDS from Africa?
  • What is the effect of climate change on infectious health ailments?
  • What’s the impact of globalization over the spread of disease?
  • Exactly what causes some diseases including malaria or HIV to be so tough to eliminate?
  • What effect does stress have on health?
  • What effect has cancer study had on preventing cancer deaths?
  • What causes pancreatic cancer to be so deadly?
  • What’s caused cancer to be this tough to cure?
  • What causes people to look for non-Western medical treatments like traditional Chinese medicine or herbal supplements?
  • What is the effect of abortion(so ) on a lady’s following reproductive health?
  • What effect will birth control have on girls?
  • What effect do routine dental check-ups have about oral health?
  • What causes individuals to build allergies?
  • What effect does a better use of technology have on health?
  • Which causes cardiovascular disease?
  • What effect does exercise have on the body?
  • What causes individuals to create healthful living choices?
  • What causes a lot of health care providers to become obese?
  • Which are the social effects of getting braces ?
  • What causes households to purchase unlimited mobile phone plans?
  • Which will be the effects of video games on young children or teens?
  • What impacts does playing video games cause in the minds of elderly men and women?
  • Does online shopping cause people to spend more income?
  • What effect does social websites have on teen relationships?
  • What are the triggers (or effects) of all cyberbullying?
  • What causes social networking websites to drop popularity?
  • Which are the effects of movie and video-based social networking websites like Snapchat or Instagram on adolescent social
  • What makes a video game to ever be hot?
  • What effect does moving off from computers and towards tablet computers and tablets have on how we browse the world wide web?
  • What effect will typing on a screen as opposed to a computer keyboard have on how folks communicate?
  • Which are the social effects of everyone on the planet having mobile phones?
  • How have smartphones influenced business practices?
  • What impact has been labeled”talented and gifted” have on pupils?
  • What causes pupils to think school is boring?
  • Does using technology such as iPads or clever boards in classrooms cause students to learn better?
  • What’s the impact on learning if pupils do most of their work studying from a personal computer or tablet computer rather than
    paper and books?
  • Which are the effects of homeschooling in kids? (Or what would be the social consequences?)
  • What effect have magnet or charter schools needed on the educational program in your state or city?
  • How do college programs against bullying affect the actual bullying and fears of students?
  • Can single-sex classrooms cause pupils to understand better?
  • Which are the positive and negative effects of having school uniforms?
  • What is the consequence of having an open high school campus?
  • What is the influence on the instruction of pupils when a district has yearlong education?
  • What causes some colleges to fail to educate students?
  • What induces American students to discriminate from students from other countries on global tests?
  • What impact do fine arts have on students?
  • What effect does a good physical education program have about basic school pupils?
  • What effect do longer school days have to get a school’s educational results?
  • What impact does parent participation in schools have on education?
Cause and effect essay topics

Cause and effect essay topics about the environment

  • Mental pollution results in the degeneration of culture.
  • Water vapor triggers the natural greenhouse effect.
  • The global temperature increase leads to developing malaria and cholera prevalence.
  • The uncontrolled spread of insects can lead to food shortages.
  • The sea temperature increase leads to the extinction of several fish species.
  • The glaciers melt Antarctica cause floods.
  • The decrease in areas acceptable for human habitation increases the population density in some areas.
  • More accurate weather forecasting will save people from natural disasters.
  • Coal-fired electricity stations cause the greenhouse effect.
  • Shifting flora and fauna to various spaces can lead to the extinction of several species.

Politics and history

  • What caused the Civil War?
  • What are the continuing effects of slavery on American culture?
  • How were WWII veterans affected by their wartime experiences?
  • What effect did WWII have on the Jewish men and women?
  • What impact did Christianity have about the Roman empire?
  • What caused the Arab Spring? Which are the ramifications of the Arab Spring?
  • What effect has the GI Bill, that educates soldiershad on universities at the U.S.?
  • What was the effect of colonialism on Britain’s view of itself?
  • What were the causes and effects of colonialism?
  • In the viewpoint of the British, what would be the effects and causes of the American Revolution?
  • What causes drug wars in Colombia?
  • What causes illegal immigration?
  • What are the consequences of legislation on a nation (pick any country)?
  • What is the impact of online earnings on companies (in any state )?
  • What was the effect of the printing press (or alternative invention) on history?
  • Which are the consequences of globalization on the place of girls?
  • Which are the effects of American drone attacks on terrorists and civilians?
  • What is the cause of increased militancy on the part of North Korea?
  • A good movie can affect an individual’s manner of thinking.
  • Insomnia affects a individual’s cognitive ability.
  • Overusing Facebook and other social media may make pupils sad.
  • Mood swings may be brought on by hormonal changes.
  • A sense of humor enhances personal relationships.
  • A unhealthy diet affects career chances.
  • The technological boom altered the way that people interact.
Cause and effect essay topics

Some tips

There are some measures to creating your essay that we advocated to do:

  • 1. Start with Drafting an Overview;
  • 2. Pick on a Style;
  • 3. Introduction. Current Your Arguments;
  • 5. Conclusion.
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