Indisputable reasons to utilize an essay checker

These days one can hardly imagine college education without essay writing. No one denies that essays greatly affect any learner’s grades. So, it makes sense to allocate more time and dedication for such crucial tasks.

Fortunately, striking technology progress enables any student to drastically improve her/his writing skills and facilitate the way to compose papers. One of the most promising tools for academic writing is an essay checker. If you still doubt whether it makes sense to opt for this tool or not, we’ll give you a number of solid reasons for it.

Mistakes won’t hide from your eye!

It’s a normal thing that people make mistakes when composing their papers. That’s why folks edit and proofread their writing works before submitting them.

Unfortunately, your manual revision isn’t a 100% guarantee that everything is perfect and you can have a rest. To explain it we should turn to psychology. The matter is that the human mind perceives the written paper as it needs to be. To put that another way, we see an essay as we actually imagine it but it rarely meets our expectations.

To ask a friend or to choose an essay checker?

That’s the reason why authors often ask their friends to review their papers. However, instead of relying on other people, you can make use of an online checker. It will be even much better because even the most attentive friend of yours can overlook something in your essay.

This tool will easily identify all grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors as well as other glitches in a paper affecting its quality. It will be much easier to impress a professor if your paper is absolutely error-free.

Readability matters too

Getting rid of errors doesn’t automatically make a paper perfect because you also need to make sure that it’s readable enough. A paper difficult to understand is a nightmare for anybody, not to mention your professor.

Unfortunately, in their revision, many students rarely go beyond merely checking for spelling or grammar mistakes. As a result, they fail to get a good grade because a paper with bad readability can only leave a disgusting impression.

An online essay checker can take care of this crucial quality of your text too. Aside from the availability of various errors in the paper, the checker will also assess the exact level of your readability and show you what needs to be corrected to end up with a good result.

Choosing the best online checker

To facilitate a choice of a checker online, we have prepared a list of the best tools for revision available. Choose from:

  • Grammarly: It’s undoubtedly one of the most popular online checkers in the world. We can even assume that it’s the best since it’s actively utilized by millions of Internet users. The tool is capable of correcting up to 150 types of mistakes. The service will explain where you made a mistake and offer the correct variants to replace errors.

    It supports nearly all writing styles. What’s more, you can use its basic options for free. However, if the goal is ultimate perfection, then for a premium fee of $30 a month, you can start hunting on up to 250 types of mistakes.

  • WhiteSmoke: Aside from checking your paper for mistakes, this tool will also rate your writing work. The rating takes into account words, voice, expressions, redundancy, sentence structure. It will give you an idea of how to improve your writing skills.
  • ProWritingAid: The given service simultaneously acts as a style editor, grammar checker as well as writing mentor. In addition to getting rid of all your errors, the checker offers myriads of style improvements that can greatly boost readability. It will help you to exclude repetitiveness, complex sentences, passive voice, vague wording, etc. With this checker, your writing will never be awkward and clumsy.