Instructions to Write an Excellent Resume Objective

The purpose of a resume is needed to interest a recruiter and propose a candidate. The problem appears because of most of the candidates do not know how to write a properly CV objective. The main problem lies in that they simply cannot decide on the purpose of applying for a position. We will tell you how to do this in the best possible way and give some examples.

Why it’s necessary?

The resume objective indicated in the summary is intended for several functions simultaneously:

  1. Attract the attention of a recruiter.
  2. Focus on the main tasks that the applicant wants to perform.
  3. Define the range of desired positions.
  4. State your readiness for work and competency.
  5. Show interest.

If you’re a student or a graduate searching a job with which your career may begin, it’s relevant to write shortly here.

What should it be?

Your CV objective should have specific info, in two-three sentences. So, wanting to get the position of a lawyer, accountant, manager or video operator, you need to indicate only what specifically concerns this position: skills, abilities, roles, at least.

Formulate the position as accurately as possible

The perfect option, according to experts, lies in indicating the desired position in the goal exactly as it’s formulated in the vacancy.

Do not forget to add the company name. That is, to indicate the purpose in the CV so precisely, one can take as an example the following: ‘Obtain the position of an oncological surgeon in the Oncology and Radiology Clinic’.

To do this, you need to edit the resume before each submission. But this shows the employer that the person has studied the vacancy and adapted the resume specifically for the company.

Choose simple language

The intricate phrases about ‘a highly paid position in a large international company with career prospects’ are not needed in the resume. Often they are simply copied from other sources and do not carry useful information.

Such formulations, if the employer’s representative reads them at all, can weed out interesting proposals from companies that consider themselves too ‘small’. These subtleties are best discussed already in the interview.

Make a concise text

Many recruiters believe that the required columns for the resume are the desired position.

In this form, the CV is well-read, looks simple and clear. Write more information оr your specific wishes in a cover letter.

If you want to somehow supplement the resume, then try to write concise and clear. Briefly, indicate the essence. The task for the HR manager – to quickly scan these words, understand your goals and continue reading the CV.

Concise examples of aims in resume objectives

Let’s take a few simple examples of the resume objective.

  • Find a job in the HR field.
  • Get an accountant position with the functions of the financial director.
  • Find a job as a production director.
  • Find a job as a sales manager (household or computer equipment).

Remember that employers appreciate the narrow specialization of applicants, and especially those who are suitable for them.

A guide for writing about the goal deployed

The description of the goal in a CV is an important component that the hiring manager wants to find out. Therefore, you must make it clear what you are going to do in this company: ‘Searching for a cook’s position in a cold and appetizer position in an Italian restaurant’.

Or you can say in a general sense, as the applicant for any position could say. ‘I’m going to work for you to realize my enthusiasm, high work capacity, experience, and responsibility, obtained as a result of work in the areas of: (enumeration of skills indicating experience)’.

In any case, before looking for a sample of a resume, it’s desirable to find out what jobs are open in the company and to demonstrate in the ‘goal’ column that you know what you want and can bring useful results to the company.

What if I’m a newbie?

If a candidate, for example, a student or graduate of an educational institution, does not yet have work experience, does not know the structure of positions, it may bring difficulties for him to formulate a goal in a CV.

But this information is easy to find: just read what vacancies employers offer in the right field. An internship candidate may indicate at least the direction in which he wants to develop – for example, finance, manufacturing or logistics.