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Zeus and Odin Zeus is the ruler in the Greek gods. He is the boy of Cronos

and Rhea, in fact the sole son of those two to survive to adult life. Zeus acquired

been invisible by Rhea so that Cronos would not swallow him like he had all of

his additional offspring, he had been cautioned that one of his children would

eventually overthrow him. Rhea delivered Zeus towards the island of Crete where he was

elevated. Zeus sooner or later killed his father. Following he wiped out Cronos, this individual restored life

to his brothers and sisters. Then he drew plenty with his friends Poseidon and

Hades to view who would turn into ruler in the various parts of the universe.

Zeus won the draw and became the great ruler of the gods. He is lord of

the skies, the rainwater god. His weapon is known as a thunderbolt, made for him by

Cyclopes beneath the direction of Hephaestus, which he hurls at people who

displease him. He wedded a succession of spouses with to whom he had many

children including: Athena, The Fates, Ares, Apollo, Artemis, and Hermes.

His last, and most popular wife is Hera yet he is known for his various

affairs. Odin is the innovator of the Norse gods and has a myriad of names

which include Allfather, Ygg, Bolverk (evil doer), and Grimnir. He also has a large number of

functions within the myths which include being a goodness of battle, poetry, knowledge, and

loss of life. However , he can not considered the main god of each of those

functions. Odins symbol can be his magical spear called Grungir which never

does not show for its mark. He as well owns a magic engagement ring called Draupnir which can produce

nine of itself each night. It was this kind of ring that Odin laid on his child Balders

funeral pyre and which Balder returned to Odin through the underworld. Odin

also has two wolves, Geri and Freki, and two ravens, Hugin (thought) and

Munin (memory). He delivers his ravens out daily to gather understanding for

him. Odin was destined to die at Ragnarok, Fenris-Wolf swallowed him.

Knowing his fate, he still decided to embrace this and do struggle, showing the actual

warrior ethic. He is the goodness of warriors and nobleman, not the normal man.

Amongst his children are: Thor, Hermod, and Frey. He is hitched to Frigg, the

empress of marriage. The first obvious similarity between Zeus and Odin is in

their appearance. Both are huge men, but they are not depicted as body fat

men. Equally look very powerful and foreboding. In addition they are both proven as

having beards. A beard presents manliness, in an exceedingly basic way as facial hair

is a thing that every person can include. In this sense the beard as a signature

feature of the gods brings in a sense of accessory to the people within the

societies that worshipped all of them. If they had a different sort of signature characteristic, for

case in point wings, this will remove the gods from the common man. The

beard is definitely something ordinary people can correspond with. It may also carry note that

the stereotypical perspective of Vikings and Norsemen almost always contains

beards on the men. Might be they were aiming to emulate their head our god or

might be the our god was created in the image of the normal man. This is actually the

direct evaluation. Zeus and Odin were respective rulers over the gods in

their very own mythologies. Zeus was reputed for upholding legislation and cultural order. In

fact, one of his game titles was Zeus Horkios which actually means the Guarantor of

Oaths. This is quite comparable ot Odins recording of all of the laws, legal agreements and

contracts onto his spear which in turn he was bound to uphold. They will both got their

castles in the sky to some degree. Mt. Olympus was extremely high (in the

mythologies, the true Mt. Olympus is a mountain, but not quite high. ) It is also

important to remember that when the 3 brothers (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades)

had been deciding which will part of the community each can have, Zeus hand picked the sky.

There are many stories of Zeus seeking down via Mt. Olympus into the lives

of various other men. Also this is the case with Odin. He could observe other people

gods and men alike, via his tub Hlidskialf in Asgard, Asgard being the

palace above where the gods met. And so there are distinctive similarities

among Asgard and Mt. Olympus: both had been in the sky, equally allowed for the

observation from the rest of the universe, both had been the meeting place to get the gods

in their particular mythologies. The actions with the two gods are very essential

to look at as well. Zeus is definitely well-known to get going off into the associated with mortals

and trying to have associations with the men. Often times he would change

form in order to make this happen. He got such forms as a half truths, swan, glowing

shower, and a make bones about, for example. This kind of shape-shifting was also a common action

of Odin. This individual changed him self into animals occasionally, for example a snake or perhaps an

bald eagle. (Interestingly, Zeus is often depicted as a great eagle! ) But , more frequently than

not really, Odin improved himself into The Wanderer. Through this form having been known to

wear a long greyish cloak and a wide brimmed hat that covered or perhaps cast dark areas

over his missing eyesight. In this kind he tried, on a large number of occasions, to acquire

relations, often spawning children. There is a single story of Odin and Rind

exactly where Odin need to change his shape too many times to meet the needs of Rind

who he is wooing. He changes from chief of her fathers military to a johnson

to a warrior and finally is accepted in to her arms only following taking his natural

form as a the almighty. This increases one significant difference involving the two: the

attitudes with the two respective wives in the gods, Hera and Frigg. Hera is

well-known on her behalf jealous and vengeful reactions to Zeus actions. However

Frigg will not have the same effect. To see the progress this

thought, see the wives or girlfriends page. One more commonality in the two gods is all their

interaction with mortals. In both their very own visiting and aiding of these mortals Zeus

and Odin identified selected people that that they considered great and presented them

their particular assistance. This supports the idea that these mythologies, because they will

were providing generally less-advanced societies (industrially, socially and

intellectually), made gods would you come down and physically interact

with mortals, gave the gods a feeling of tangibility for the society. Now

could a society have already been able to accept a faultless, omnipotent becoming

especially one on a cosmic level, rather than a physical level? If a our god could

arrive to a person and actually aid him, that would be an incentive to believe

and worship. Quite a few gods include a specific symbol of electrical power. Zeus offers

his lamps bolt, and Odin provides his spear. Both of these things have a somewhat

negative interpretation. Lamps is a destructive force and a spear is a system

used to get rid of. In our society, gods are usually displayed to have a very positive

lumination surrounding these people and a weapon might appear strange to us being a symbol of a

god. We need to also notice that the gods both applied their individual weapons by

throwing them. Maybe this is the beginning of the thoughts of a cosmic entity

the gods would not have to be literally there, nevertheless could job their

intentions from very far. The fact that both of these icons were dangerous in

a single form or another raises a couple of questions: Were these cultures searching for a

destructive our god? Were they still by a state that the primitive representation of

person was preferred as a our god? Were these societies taking a look at chaos and

destruction to be more important inside the society than order? It could be that

the worry that they invoke will have people thinking that they can be punished

and if they are reprimanded it will not be a simple slap around the wrist, but rather a

spear or super bolt hurled at these people. So I assume that this fear was used

when the myths were being originally fashioned so that one would be

anxious to believe and worship. A single last thing to be considered regarding

these two gods, and their masculinity, is that they are all were very fertile.

These people were both dads to many children, thus spreading their wonderful

qualities about to different beings. What I think these communities needed was obviously a

powerful gentleman, one who was warlike, strong, large, overwhelming and productive.

This was they type of our god that one in those times could fear and esteem, and

as a result worship reasonably easily.

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