Ways to benefit from an analytical essay example

An analytical essay is a type of college document in which a particular literary text or visual medium is analyzed. In fact, college students need to explain how the text was created and what techniques were used for this. Sometimes an essay implies a precise rhetorical analysis or a critical essay.

! Remember that this essay has nothing to do with a resume or college reasoned essay.

In other words, you do not need to write an analytical essay and convince the readership to change their minds and make a new conclusion due to your essay. All that is required of you is to explain how the author of the narrative wrote a work and what principles he/she was guided by.

precise rhetorical analysis

So you are ready and looking for essay examples?

For example, you can write an essay on a topic such as George Lucas, using a color scheme to interpret the character’s innocence in the original Star Wars trilogy (mind the privacy policy issues when choosing popular topics). When conducting an analysis of the analytical essay, you will need to explore the use of various colors that have been applied by a writer to the central characters of the movie. Thus, it will come from which colors like:

  • The black;
  • White;
  • Brown;
  • Gray and various shades of other colors.

As part of a study, you should try to study as much as possible on essay topics and also use a clear essay outline. Keep in mind that the analysis of any book is vital in every type of essay writing. You should always start with the literary analysis of book or articles and then proceed with other parts of the essay.

Features of writing an essay Introduction

Many students still continue to underestimate the effect of such analytical fragment as Introduction for any type of essay. However, this is one of the grossest errors. The very first task that the writer faces is to attract attention and arouse the sincere interest of the proofreader with the help of various writing techniques used primarily in the essay Introduction.

Besides, this part of your essay will help you to lay the foundation for the upcoming essay body, write a strong and clear argument, and provide proof for each of your ready analytical arguments. This, in turn, will demonstrate to readers the importance of your analytical dispute and will justify its choice in the analytical school work. Therefore, it is so important to devote a considerable amount of personal time to competent writing work in this section of your essay in order to arouse the genuine interest of the proofreader to read the rest of it. In this case, the Introduction that you need to write consists of 3 parts that include:

  • The hook;
  • The dispute;
  • Support;
  • Guidelines for writing the hook section.

Creating a trigger for an essay

The hook is the name of the first line that will be created in your analytical essay. The central purpose of writing a hook is to attract the attention of the readership to the further textual part of the essay. Experienced writer quite often will use this place to indicate additional information that may interest the proofreader at a glance. In turn, this may be statistics, an unusual joke, or a unique fact about which a few people have heard. You can also try to use an interesting question that will contain certain contradictions that will require further reading of an analytical essay to find out the truth.

Very often, students write a hook after the entire paper is created. This is done so that after creating a general picture of what the analytical essay is being created about, you can most clearly write an introductory sentence that will fully generalize the entire text. So for a better understanding, let’s try to give some essay examples. Since we turned to the topic sentence of Star Wars, we will continue in the appropriate context.

The black and white that are depicted in various topics of cinema and literature interpret good and evil for people. The same technique, in turn, was used by George Lucas to emphasize the personal character of the central heroes of the Star Wars movie trilogy. In this example, we can clearly follow that the essay contacts the content of the symbolism of the gamut of colors in various literary and film works. Now that you have conveyed to the readership the main background of your thoughts, you will need to start writing a strong thesis statement for the essay content.

How to make your essay thesis convincing

If you have ever written a school assignment that would include one of the essay types, you probably know that an analytical essay dispute is an essential sentence in your essay. The high purpose of the relevant essay dispute is a brief interpretation of your analytical paper and an indication of the specific purpose of the study.

! Remember that when writing a convincing thesis statement in the work you must achieve two goals, namely, to outline the main part of your essay writing and inform the proofreader what you can expect from reading the rest of your essay text.

How exactly can one write a great and clear thesis statement? Everything is quite simple! All you need to do is combine the central goal of your essay with the analysis of essay topics you are studying.

convincing thesis

Let’s try to give some examples and reviews from the previously selected Star Wars theme:

George Lucas uses a black and white color scheme to more clearly create a shade of innocence or evil in his Star Wars movie trilogy, while white color combines the appearance of innocent characters, black color clearly indicates evil, and the combination of these two colors most often hints at the character’s neutrality.

Tips for writing a Supporting part of an essay

Absolutely all essays that are created on the principle of five paragraphs must necessarily include proof that will confirm the truth of an essay thesis statement. Thus, writing an analytical essay, you should know precisely what you are going to uphold your essay dispute. If your essay is a very voluminous essay writing, then most likely your dispute will not consist of one but several sentences. Moreover, each statement that will be indicated in your essay thesis must be confirmed by proof that will later be stated in the body of the analytical research paper.

In fact, it doesn’t matter how much evidence you provide in your analytical research paper, nor how many sections you need. In fact, it all depends on how in-depth analysis you conduct and whether your analysis essay meets the volume requirements.

! Do not forget that every point that is indicated in your essay dispute must have a clear and detailed confirmation in the body of essay writing.

How to effectively write an essay body

The body is the basis of your essay and is created to uphold with proof of facts that were indicated in an essay. This part of an analysis essay is the most voluminous. Nevertheless, you should not write this analytical section as one single page. You need to break it down into sections to make the research summary more structured, logical, and readable.

The number of analytical paragraphs in an essay that you will write depends solely on the required number of supporting facts that you need to write in more detail. If, when writing a research essay, you adhere to the analytical essay of five sections, then each of the fragments should contain a supporting fact and fit into the frame of one paragraph.

In order to make your argumentative essay truly effective, use the following four recommended analytical page components structure for each paragraph:

  • Claim;
  • Evidence;
  • Connection;
  • Transition.

Most vital components of essay paragraphs

If you conduct a more detailed and descriptive analysis of yours, then perhaps the proof in the research essay will consist of several sections. Nevertheless, regardless of how many paragraphs you will use to bring evidence, each of them must necessarily include the above components.

components of an analytical essay

A claim is mainline with which each paragraph begins. Often, the scholars use paraphrased types of one of the supporting policy proof in the argument to write it. Given the above, you can imagine an example as follows:

  • The director often dresses the innocent and positive characters in white clothing in the story.
  • This information demonstrates to the reader that the rest of the section will contain data about the characters the director puts on in white clothing.

The next element is the Evidence. Evidence is an element that proves your arguments and theses thanks to more detailed information that you could analyze and collect as part of the ongoing study. In essence, this is the basis of your analysis essay. As an example, you could write:

In one part of the story ‘In Return of the Jedi’, Luke Skywalker wears black clothes and thus demonstrates a privacy confrontation about the truth about his father.

Creating connection ties in examples

Now let’s look at an element such as Connection. This element should be indicated immediately after the proof of the argument in papers. In other words, you cannot use any quotation, paraphrased element, or give an example without explaining to the reader why this is essential in papers. The use of this element is due to the need to relate evidence and arguments to one another to generally obtain a more connected analysis. Well, let’s demonstrate this with an example:

This suggests that Luke Skywalker, to some extent, allowed the dark side to have a free impact on his thoughts and actions.

Coming up with Transition component

The last but not least important element that each section should include is Transition. After you have used all of the above types of features in order to make your paragraph as connected and logical as possible, it is the high time to make sure that the transition from one section to another is as smooth as possible.

The location of this element in essays may be different. For some scholars, it’s more convenient to place the transition at the end of the conclusion paragraph structure in analytical essays. However, sometimes, it is also used as the first line at the beginning of the next section. The most important thing when writing an essay is that the free transition is based on certain logic and sequence of your parts and conclusion.